A vitamin that can kill cancer
by Baigalmaa staff
A vitamin that can kill cancer
Photo by Elena Leya on Unsplash
It is said that because our ancestors ate natural, unprocessed foods, there were almost no cases of cancer. However, we are proud to live in a modern developed society that consumes almost no natural products, artificially processed, long-lasting additives, fruits, vegetables and meat that have been exposed to fertilizers and substances, and at the same time, we suffer from various diseases, including, Cancer is treated as a death sentence and lives in fear.

We continue to suffer from the culture of life that relies on our health, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry, and our money is spent on drugs... However, why do drug manufacturers and the medical industry hide some things? Interest in profit and money has recently been explained by many researchers and experts. It was announced 35 years ago that the most dangerous disease, all types of cancer, can be treated with vitamin B17, called laetrile and amygdalin, and this vitamin destroys cancer very quickly, but why and the quality of the treatment are kept secret, connected to the pharmaceutical industry. Proof of this vitamin B17 effect is that after the Second World War, a doctor named Max Gerson successfully treated many people using apricot pits or nuts, which are high in vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 is found in the bones of fruits such as apricots, almonds, bitter almonds, cherries, peaches, plums, apple seeds, millet, sorghum, flax seeds, lentils, beans, and grapes. It is abundant in seeds and fruits. In conclusion, putting aside the blame on the pharmaceutical kingdom, using our own opportunities to use the above fruit bone meal and seeds is beneficial for our health. This vitamin is contained in a large amount in the pulp or nuts inside the apricot bones, and a healthy person needs 8 pieces a day to prevent cancer, and a sick person needs 15-20 pieces of the vitamin. You can read more about this in the book "Mir bez raka" by Edward Griffin.