Astrology of people born on the border of two zodiac signs
by Baigalmaa staff
Astrology of people born on the border of two zodiac signs
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Capricorn-Aquarius /January 16-22/
The combination of the energy of the stable and reliable Capricorn and the wonderful Aquarius will result in an incredibly unique person. You will never be bored with this person. On the surface, it seems extravagant, calm and timid, but inside, emotions are always boiling. The soul is full of vivid dreams and imagination. If you want to be successful, you need to engage in art and creative work. Also, Capricorn's hard work and high standards have a great influence on the success of these people in the work they start. For them, personal relationships may be difficult.

Aquarius-Pisces /February 15-21/
The interweaving of the energy of the wonderful Aquarius and the dreamy Pisces creates a very sensitive and sensitive personality. Such people are intellectual, artistic, peaceful, cooperative and friendly. Emphasis is placed on the authenticity of things and phenomena, visionary ideals, and wisdom. High intelligence and thinking are likely to have an adverse effect on abstract attitudes and self-reliance. Preferring to understand philosophical ideas, mind and spirit, which require mental and intellectual capacity rather than occupations related to daily life. At a deeper level, there is a tendency to become forgetful, detached, and untidy because of thinking enough to recognize and change the world, people, and oneself.

Pisces-Aries /March 17-23/
Sensitive and dreamy Pisces and decisive and quick-tempered Aries - a wonderful combination of fiery pulsations and dreams leads not only to dreaming, but to this life, the opportunity to fulfill this dream. You are a true leader who combines fearless courage and the ability to understand others. Such people have a talent for setting goals and making them come true by motivating others. If the balance of these two signs can be achieved, it is possible to achieve great success. It means that Pisces calms the hasty Aries, and Aries makes the dreams of Pisces come true.

Taurus-Gemini /May 17-23/
Indicates peak intensity. People who are physically and emotionally energetic, patient, adaptable to anything, and if they set a goal, they will sacrifice themselves for it until the end. It is important to learn to love yourself. You need to know that you can succeed by learning to listen and understand people well.

Gemini-Cancer /June 17-23/
People born at this time are wonderful people who seem funny, curious, caring, loyal, sensitive and inspiring. It is possible that you are trying to solve things with extreme emotions. A bit selfish and prone to depression. He is interested in history and philosophy, he likes to try new things, he loves children, he likes to play with them, he is an idol of children. They cannot live without love and can become moody and irritable.

Cancer-Leo /July 17-25/
The sensitivity of the frog and the boldness of the lion are in conflict with each other. In the life of these people, success and failure alternate. These creative and cheerful people are unstable and need to pay attention to their self-control. Doing good deeds, such as volunteering and doing social work whenever possible, can help you balance your morals, reduce your self-centeredness, and focus on other things. If they can set boundaries for their personality, they will live a life full of love and stability.

Leo-Virgo /August 17-25/
Since the two deposits are different from each other, the personality is likely to be ambiguous. He is very hardworking, dedicated and dedicated to his work. A Leo's natural leadership and a girl's hardworking nature combine to create a well-defined and loyal personality. Also, depending on which sign's personality is superior, you need to pay attention to balance and combine the lion's fame and lack of attention, or the calm and diligent nature of the girl.

Virgo-Libra /September 19-25/
Both the inner world and the external appearance of a person born at this time are amazingly beautiful. Emotionally balanced, calm, confident in your choices, realistic, a little subtle, likely to be considerate of the opposite sex. But he is incredibly romantic, kind-hearted, and loves to be cared for, praised, and thanked. Also, he has the ability to become a good diplomat because he can communicate with people from any social level. Because of their developed work ethic and analysis, they have the ability to think deeply, but because of their laziness and lack of desire, they will not change anything, and they may not reach the desired heights, so be careful.

Libra-Scorpio /October 19-25/
Being born on the transit of two strong planets, they are full of lust, attractive charm and beautiful complexion. These people are likely to be introverted, quiet, and not open, so they should pursue a career in public relations as much as possible. For them, fame and success are easy. This is associated with a strong leadership character and stubbornness, and it can be difficult for those around them. Be careful not to become arrogant.

Scorpio-Sagittarius /November 18-24/
These people are full of powerful and driving energy. Very bold, energetic, says what he wants to say, achieves his goals. If all this energy and energy can be properly channeled, they have the ability to succeed in everything they start. They value being busy all the time. Strong, generous, funny and the funniest loyal friend. I don't like extreme restrictions on my freedom. If you control your anger and rage, you are the most loved person around you.

Sagittarius-Capricorn /December 18-24/
A person with high intellectual potential and desire to change the world. Sagittarian optimism and fearless courage combined with Capricorn's hard-working and practical nature teaches the ability to think big and make it a reality. They are organized, communicative, and like to travel. Although promotion is not a big concern, it is important to grow successfully and feel self-worth. Sociable and kind-hearted, but does not always make friends with many people.