Beneficial consumption of food goes back to the consumption of our ancestors
by Baigalmaa staff
Beneficial consumption of food goes back to the consumption of our ancestors
Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash
The topic of food that is good for the body, and the way people before us were forced to use nature and food... It is very new and diverse, created in a modern laboratory to help preserve youth, protect against aging, stress, and obesity. highlighted products, today's media and social networks continue to advertise, but the results of research studies on natural foods that have been used by ancient people, whose benefits have been proven in life, and in their original form, as well as the global trend of healthy eating, food shows that food consumption goes back to the beginning of history. The beneficial qualities of plant and animal foods have long been recognized by traditional medicine, modern medicine and pharmaceutical science, and have been used as the basis of most medicines.

Each country and nation has used its own traditional foods that are closely related to its weather, climate, flora and fauna, natural conditions, and lifestyle, and modern medicine and medicine are based on the rich experience of the people who have known and used these benefits in the course of history. It is no secret that it is based on science. History requires us to value and continue our heritage, culture, lifestyle, and customs handed down from our ancestors. Therefore, we must understand that the secret of healthy living lies in our own culture and traditional food consumption and is inextricably linked. Centers for good nutrition should pay more attention to this and not encourage the people to use any foreign products, but rather study the rich history of Mongolian food, introduce and spread awareness about seasonal nutrition and consumption of white and red proteins. The botanists of our country, which is rich in many types of plants, as well as dairy producers, should pay attention to this. Why don't we have a proper nutrition center in Mongolia? It's a pity that the current nutrition centers translate the nutrition products they introduce into foreign languages and explain them wonderfully, but they have no understanding of Mongolian food. Only the people of neighboring Russia know that Mongolian sheep's tail is useful for a man's "masculinity" and use it diligently. When it comes to Mongolian food, there are many people who think that there are only a few types of food. However, we are not able to properly diversify our rich traditional food and understand its benefits, and this can be attributed to the fact that we have not learned to appreciate our traditions, no one makes them aware of them, and they do not supply them in packaging that meets modern needs. Has it degenerated to the point of valuing foreign, beautifully packaged food and thinking of it as a luxury? Mongolia's food, Mongolian food, is a very precious thing handed down from our forefathers, which is remembered by foreigners who have come and gone.