The more people walk, the longer they live
by Baigalmaa staff
The more people walk, the longer they live

Director of the Russian "Health of the 21st Century" Treatment and Research Center, Dr. A. Shishonin, by conducting research within the special program "Life without drugs", made a fundamental conclusion about how lack of exercise affects life expectancy, based on the study of the life of dolphins by dolphin scientist V.M. Latko, and by conducting comparative experiments on people, the results were confirmed to be correct. considered to be out. Dolphins are similar to humans in many ways, such as being mammals, being oriented, and having a developed brain. Dolphins domesticated by humans in a tank or aquarium live only 6-8 years, but dolphins living freely in the sea live up to 60 years. This is due to the fact that the muscles responsible for rapid acceleration of domesticated dolphins become inactive and disappear. Due to the lack of this muscle, if they are put back in the sea, they will die without being able to survive. Oceanic dolphins swim 240 kilometers per day, and it has been concluded that their lifespan is shortened due to lack of this opportunity in the pool. When they are released back into the sea, they are put in nets in the bay of the sea and trained to swim in a large area. This is considered to be the best example of the effects of lack of exercise. Although everyone knows about the harmful effects of lack of physical activity and it is discussed enough, it is a pity that it is not always given importance, it is due to the intensive changes in the lifestyle of modern people, the time constraints, the development of technology, and the weakness of self-defeating qualities. , people are losing their many beneficial qualities. No modern person will believe or deny that a person can walk 30-50 kilometers per day, and this is an indicator of normal activity. How much energy should be spent on it? Accumulation of fat will lead to excess weight, failure to turn into fat will destroy the biochemical functions of the body. As a result, it has been proven that free radicals are formed and human aging is accelerated. "If you have elderly relatives, advise them to always move, and set an example yourself." The more active you are, the longer you will live. People over 45 should try to walk at least 10,000 times a day. 30,000 steps is even better. But it will be about 20 kilometers. I recommend walking if possible. I started walking a lot by myself. "The more you think about it, the more you will walk."