Two categories into which people are divided
by Baigalmaa staff
Two categories into which people are divided
Here is a small instructive story to show that people's lives are different depending on how they perceive their environment. A person decides for himself what to pay more attention to and focus his mind on. Some people like to say that they are suffering because everything is bad and the world is full of bad people. Also, the other group of people look at their bright surroundings and spread joy and optimism to those around them.

A group of people came to a wise man and started talking bad about people and their actions. The old man sat listening, - I learned from my life experience that people are divided into two categories. There is no third category. People of the first category are like black flies. Flies only sit on dirty things. For example, without sitting on one of the fragrant flowers in the garden, he flies and finds the dirtiest thing in the farthest corner and starts digging. If he speaks, from him, -where in the garden do roses grow? If asked, he would answer, "I don't know what a rose is, and there is no such thing as a rose in the world." Such people, who are like flies, perceive everything as bad, see only the dirty and evil, and live in denial of all the good things.

But the other class of people are like bees. Bees have the characteristic of sitting on the most beautiful and sweet flowers. When you put a potted flower on the dirty ground, it flies without sitting anywhere, finds only that flower and sits on it. If he was caught and asked where the garbage and filth was, if he answered, - he did not notice the ugly things, but thought that there was a rose in that corner, and a little further away there was a carnation, and a carnation. He is a connoisseur of the best things. Humans are either flies or bees. When people come to me and start blaming others, I tell them about it and want them to choose which category they want to be in. It is clear which one to choose, he concluded. Really the choice is obvious...who wants the dirty. Good luck to the "bees"!