A child is a "vessel" that should be filled with mother's love.
by Baigalmaa staff
A child is a "vessel" that should be filled with mother's love.
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Honorary Doctor of Psychology, founder of child psychology, B.Z. Drapkin presents the practical methods of influencing motherhood in the happy future of the child.

It has been proven on the basis of many studies that the mother's voice and mother's persuasive actions lead the child to a happy future, and it is believed that the child is a "pot" of mother's love, and if it is full of love, it is happy and its growth and development are normal. Therefore, as much as possible, it is necessary to stay together until the age of 2, and not to be taken care of by nannies or grandmothers, it is necessary to take care of them by yourself, and it is proved that if the flow of mother's love is cut off, the child's behavior changes if they are not with the child. Also, the mother's voice was emphasized, and the child can recognize his mother's voice from the age of 5 months in the womb. After birth, there are no mothers who do not know that they distinguish their mother's voice and react more strongly than others. Therefore, mothers are advised to be very careful with their voice changes. Screaming to death damages the child's mind and affects the future. Excessive blaming, criticizing, and comparing the child's mistakes to others is the basis of programming the child's misfortune. A mother's way to lead a child to a happy future:
Since the child's attention is unstable when he is awake, it is recommended to practice persuasion after sleeping /20-30 minutes/ by memorizing the following words and saying them from the heart. You can write it down and read it at first.
"I love you very much, you are my most precious person. My blood is part of my flesh, I can't live without you, how much your parents love you.' These words are the essence of love.
"You, the most beautiful, you are energetic, you are healthy, you eat well, that's why you are growing fast, your whole body is healthy, you move lightly, you don't get sick because you are hungry." These words have the power to heal your child without medicine.
-"You are calm, you have a good mind, you are kind, sociable, patient, your mental development is very good, you understand well, you always have a beautiful smile, you sleep well, you always have good dreams, you rest well." It stabilizes the psyche.
- This method is based on the method of folk medicine. "I am taking away all your bad things, I am taking away your cysts," etc.
These words can be used for children of any age, and by using them every night, you can live without worrying about your child's future. Fill your "pot" of love in this way.