Code of Children's Life
by Baigalmaa staff
Code of Children's Life
Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash
In order to understand your child's personality, choose the method of upbringing, and get an orientation to develop his talent, let's get acquainted with the method of analyzing the child according to the numerical meaning of the child's birth date, month, and day.

For this, the numerical values of the date of birth are added together. If the resulting number becomes two digits, it is added together again. For example, if born on 2002-05-10, 2+0+0+2+5+1+0=10 1+0=1 This child's code number is 1.

1. Children born under this number express their mood almost as soon as they are born. Very active, energetic and curious. He is interested in everything, is in a hurry to explore, experience, taste, and spy on everything, and strives to do these things on his own. Parents, their children's early teething, chewing on toys, early speech, walking, running, and the rapid growth are surprised and panicked. Such children already know what they want and have goals. These children, as expected, need free space. If the parents are involved in everything, are strict, teach and limit everything to be their own way, they are likely to grow up into a little monster and have the ability to destroy the comfort of the home. Although these children are independent and active, they miss their parents' love and care. It's more important to let them know you love them than to take action, even if they're being a little unruly all the time. If you do not lack praise and raise your personality without bending it, you will grow into a person who has natural leadership qualities, who knows his goals and duties, and who knows his environment very well. But, he always asks for the love of his mother and father.

2. Children of this number have a unique and incomparable charm. It's lovely to look at, funny, sociable, active and friendly. Behind this cute behavior, there is a behavior that affects their own life badly, they tend to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of their loved ones and friends, put themselves in second place, and follow other people's wishes. Special attention should be paid to this. If children are not taught to develop self-reliance, respect their own thoughts, and be true to their thoughts, when they grow up, they may grow up to be uninitiative and live by other people's words. So, encourage them to have their own opinions and express them. It is necessary to make it clear that people are not loved because they have the same opinion, rather than as a person.

3. These children are naturally endearing, shy and modest, but they have plenty of friends and can get the attention they deserve. They are bad at sharing the interests of others, including the interests of children of the opposite sex. Talkative, able to discuss any topic. Also, optimistic, joyful and loving life, always smiling and beaming. Being with them is pleasant and peaceful. Disadvantages are poor concentration. Trying to know all the interesting things and trying to do them at the same time, when the energy is not enough, it is noticed that things are put off. Therefore, parents should take care to finish what they started. Try to use games and games that don't force training.

4. Among these children who are considered numerically, there are children with the number 4, who seem to be the most methodically perfect, and the worst. He carefully analyzes and studies any issue, is unwaveringly loyal to his opinion, and cannot change his opinion. He does not like to be invaded in his space, and since he finds things to distract himself from childhood, he grows up without any problems with his parents. However, parents should pay attention to the fact that despite their independence, they always seek love, praise and support. Maybe he won't show it, but you go ahead.

5. Mothers and fathers of these children need to be physically prepared and patient because they are very active and mobile. Whether you learn to stand or not, run and try to knock down everything in your path. For example, before you have seen it, you have thought of something that will not make you happy. Do not leave alone for more than 5 minutes. They need to be distracted by giving them something interesting that they don't know. Although they are very active, they grow up faster than their peers, are incredibly curious and intelligent, and enjoy discovering new things about the world and human life. He likes that too. Growing up, these people do not stop their personal growth and development, they are always working with themselves to learn new things and discover useful things. These children are considered to be good spouses and good parents.

6. These children will make a fuss as if two children were born. They can't stand being alone. However, they almost adore their loved ones and have a more developed sense of needing to take care of them. They lack leadership qualities, are very sensitive, and are easily offended. Weak in controlling emotions. Therefore, parents should pay attention to direct their inner energy to the right things. Grow up, live happily and successfully.

7. A very unique child, very different from other children. Self-confident and early aware of what he likes and wants. Trying to force him to do something he doesn't want to do won't work. Since the intuition is more developed, it immediately knows how to lie and deceive. Even if something is hidden or not told, it has the ability to decipher secrets. He does not even understand the reason for this. Calm, meticulous, not very active, not fond of physical activity. He has a creative mind, is inspired by art, and finds success in unusual and rare professions.

8. Children born under this number are very stubborn, stubborn and self-willed. Loves to be free, and if his right to be the ruler and leader of his world is restricted, he will not hesitate to take the position of an attacker. Protect your rights relentlessly. Parents should be very wise. However, be careful not to indulge. It is clear that not everything can be accepted. Taking too much care of a child born under the number 8 is not a good parenting option. Let your child decide which option to choose. When they grow up, they become people full of energy and enthusiasm.

9. Talented children from all walks of life. Creativity and unique thinking are manifested early. He is interested in everything in the world and has the ability to succeed in almost any field. His friends appreciate his active, life-loving and adventurous qualities. You won't get bored with such people, they are able to turn even an ordinary meeting into an unforgettable one. Although your child is gifted with all the knowledge and intelligence needed to achieve success, he may not know where to direct his talent and energy, so parents should support and help their child's self-awareness and self-development. From a young age, it is necessary to teach him the opportunity to check himself, even on small things, and this will make him feel the beauty of making the right choice.