Things that hurt children
by Baigalmaa staff
Things that hurt children
Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash
A well-known psychologist said, "Always caress and take the little hand of your child that reaches out to you, and take advantage of that opportunity. After a while, the cute hand will stop reaching out cutely." We get back what we put into our children's lives. If a child grows up in a life full of trust, he will grow up to be a person who can trust others. A child raised in love and care also becomes a caring child. But when we get angry or cold, we hurt the little heart of our child in the following ways.

- Not understanding. Ignoring your child's thoughts and opinions and ignoring what he said hurts the child a lot. The little mind begins to recognize things, distinguish between good and bad, and even the little friend likes and does not want to hide it. We, the adults, accept this as laughter, teasing, and excitement, and when we laugh, the child is hurt, but cannot express it.
- Not to support. A little boy came from school and said, "Mom! "When I sang, my teacher made me sound like the wind whistling through an iron pipe," he cried. The mother said to her son, "What's wrong, my son?" My son sings like the best singing golden pheasant in the world. It's true. Don't listen to anyone." It is said that the boy, the main hero of this little story, later became a famous tenor singer. The wise mother's timely words had such an effect. Therefore, to your children, -"You can. You can do more than that.” Always say and always support.
-Compare with other boys. Their child, be careful, but you look at yourself, dirty dig. Is there a familiar word used by most parents? It is a pity that the mother who says these words does not know that with these words, she is doing something to make the child, whom she calls neat, look poor and dislike her.
- Mockery and ridicule. When a little boy with green ointment applied to his face from chicken pox entered the store, the shopkeepers, who were bored and had nothing to do, said, "Look at this cute thing, hey." laugh out loud. Even though they are lovingly smiling at the child, the children do not understand this, they resent it because they themselves did not cut their faces on purpose.
- Screaming loudly. The child does not understand this at all. They don't know that they do this when they get angry. But through this action, we ourselves teach them to express themselves in this way.
- Denial. A Japanese scientist planted seeds in three pots and studied the power of words to influence them. It is said that when the seed in the third jar was ignored and denied, after a month the seed sprouted and the seed that said good words sprouted, and the seed that said negative words withered away. But don't forget that children are the same.
If you're reading this, look up from your screen right now and imagine your baby, her chubby little hands, her nose crinkling up in laughter, her toothless mouth open and her big smile. In the lower part of your chest, you feel a tingling sensation and something inexplicable moves. Your little child, the driving force of this emotional body, is you, my father, or my mother, and always loves you with unrequited, unconditional love. I would give everything in the world for the owners of this beautiful, cute smile...