Do children become the "karma" of their parents?
by Baigalmaa staff
Do children become the "karma" of their parents?
Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash
It is believed that a child is born as a reward for the deeds done before the birth of the child, or for the karma passed down through generations, as well as to teach life, to make you understand life, and to make you understand who you are. Therefore, it is possible to give birth to healthy children, raise them and receive their grace by accepting all of them with respect and thinking. It can be seen that the birth of a child serves a specific purpose and is a life-enlightening training for relatives, and it can be considered that the children are destined to educate them in life rather than the parents to educate them.

The birth of a child with a congenital disease is not a punishment, rather than coming to understand one of the parents, and it is believed that life has chosen the way of teaching through a beloved and priceless child. In particular, the illness, bad behavior, and repeated misbehavior of children under the age of 16 show that life wants to talk to you and make you understand. Boys are destined to understand their mothers, and girls to understand their fathers. In this regard, the story of a family was taken as an example. He was born blind until a beautiful young couple had a child. The people around them will wonder what happened to the beautiful and healthy couple who got engaged, and their grandparents will feel pain because "God is not fair". However, when the mother of one of them came to live together to take care of the child, it showed what kind of people they are. Thus, the child was born without seeing it, choosing blind fate and hoping that his relatives would guess the reason. But his parents were dumb souls who could not imagine, let alone imagine, this. No one taught us to find reasons for things. Therefore, it is no secret that we have become extreme materialists and deniers who are unable to see the connection between reality and reason. But I also like to watch "Battle of Visions" with interest and don't forget it. We live in a box called "work-home-work" and die. As soon as the child is born, for the sake of their well-being, he will work fifty hours a day to spend time with the child. As soon as the cold reaches its peak, the doctor will call the hospital. However, they don't know that the reason for not getting sick is to be next to them, to love and care for them, that a mother's love is stronger than a doctor's hospital, and that this love only works when she is next to them. In the 21st century with the development of medicine and technology, we want to look at why children's diseases are not decreasing. From all this, a child can be considered as the "Karma" of his parents.