A wise woman's letter to all those who fear aging
by Baigalmaa staff
A wise woman's letter to all those who fear aging
Many people, men and women, are afraid of growing old. Today, youth is being promoted as a model, and as a result, in order not to lose the outward appearance of that youth, which will pass by the way of the world, we will continue to be exposed to all kinds of illusory proposals and business deceptions that will damage the golden age of old age, which will inevitably come later. It is a good thing that there is a rare woman among us who are brainwashed by advertisements and who see old age differently and enjoy it happily. Her name is Phyllis Schlosberg. He wrote the following letter about old age and how old age is a wonderful gift.

One day recently, a teenage girl came up to me and asked, "What's it like to be old?" asked. I was stunned and unable to answer the question, which I had never thought of before, because I didn't think I was old. This girl, seeing my stupor, was embarrassed herself. But I thanked him for saying that he has an interesting question and will let me know as soon as I find the answer. Suddenly a wonderful thought came into my head that old age is a gift and I couldn't get rid of it. Can you hide your doubts at first? So, let's write the things that we feel in this age. As of today, I have become the person I always aspired to be. But don't think that you're aiming for sagging skin, wrinkles, and age spots. When I look at my reflection in the mirror, I get a little depressed, but then it goes away. Because I am surrounded by family, children and friends who are irreplaceable treasures with no amount of fame, red carpets, narrow waist, smooth skin and unbleached hair. I have watched myself become kinder and more compassionate as I get older. Surprisingly, he also became his own friend. I no longer beat myself up over the cookies I ate too much, the things I bought knowing they weren't going to be useful and then blamed myself. At this age, I have seen many of my friends and acquaintances leave this world without receiving this gift of worming. Today, I read until 4 am and slept until noon, but no one cares. Constipation is freedom. I am no longer ashamed to cry when I hear the favorite tunes of my youth, I am no longer afraid to enjoy myself on the beach in the sun, when the time comes, the girls who will look at my body with pitying eyes, ignoring the guys, and immersing in the sea in my bathing suit. In the past, why did you bother to look good to others? Sometimes there are multiple memories. My heart has been broken more than once in my lifetime. What if you don't suffer from the loss of a loved one, worry about your child, or the collapse of your goals? But it is in these sorrows that our strength lies. How can an eye that has never cried be beautiful, how can a pure heart that has never been saddened be alive and capable of love? Fate has given me the age to live until the laughter of my youth has left deep wrinkles on my face and a fixed gray head. It's sad that so many people live too early and don't see old age. I can honestly say "yes" or "no" now. The older I get, the less I value other people's opinions, maybe because I'm learning to live by myself. Also, doubts will decrease /after so many falls and hits/, and at the same time, errors will decrease. Well, young lady, I tell you, I like my old age and my old age. While searching for the answer to your question, I found many beautiful things about my old age. Age freed me. I like who I am today. I won't live forever, but I'm wise enough not to waste my time worrying about what's going to happen here. He is not afraid of sweets, eats whenever he wants, and decorates every day given by God.