How to raise your son as a "man"?
by Baigalmaa staff
How to raise your son as a "man"?
Mothers, who are closest to their children and spend the most time with them, are inevitably faced with the problem of raising their sons into real "men". Here is a tip that will give you a good chance to go.

Never laugh at your son
A woman's smile, laughter, teasing, and taunting are hard for a man. Likewise, a mother's teasing laugh, no matter how sweet it may be, for a boy, has the effect of leaving him in the mind, affecting his self-confidence, becoming withdrawn, and unable to be himself. We need to be careful when laughing and laughing even at things that are cute to us, such as wearing the wrong clothes, wrongly drawn pictures, talking about a girl in our kindergarten class. Especially, in front of other people, you don't even need to smile and talk cutely. When the sense of shame is just developing, it is dangerous to break the little heart, to be in a situation that will not be forgotten for the rest of its life, and to affect its frank naivety and childish behavior.

You should answer all the questions
Regardless of age, try your best to answer all questions. Don't break the child's inquisitive mind with the rudest answers like "grow up and find out", "don't ask adult things". If you ask something you really don't know, it's better to tell the truth that you don't know. But later, if you learn and answer without forgetting, the child is very happy. Sometimes, children often ask "blushing" questions. At this time, there are questions to think about, give time to answer, etc. can be avoided. Children like this attitude.

Ask and talk to your child for advice
When making a decision, it is a good way to prepare him for his future life by listening to his son's feelings and consulting them. Try asking your son about some of the puzzling problems. A little mind that is awake, without doubt, and without fear, is likely to solve your problem in an amazingly easy and beautiful way... "What would you do in this situation?" They will come up with the cutest solutions.

Forget about "I told you so."
Even if you disobeyed and disobeyed what you said before, you should completely forget this word. You should not fight with your child for right or wrong. You are definitely right. However, you should learn to rejoice in silence regardless of this victory. Just give him time to understand.

Every dream should be supported
"Let's become an underwater botanist" sounds like it, right? Support this dream of your son and get him related books and magazines. The dream continues with "become an artist", "become an engineer", "become a policeman". Do not deny any dream. It is said that when boys reach the age of 20, they begin to settle down and define who they are.

If your son cries...
Children only cry because they are in pain. For them, even the unstoppable seems like pain, because their world is small, and in that small world, that unpleasant thing seems huge, so they cry. must. This is an inviolable law, the foundation of your future mutual understanding.
Never demand or force anything to be proven

Always take your son's side
Try to be on his son's side, both in word and deed. Accepting everything the complaining teacher says means you are only learning who you are, so don't join in the death of a family member or your son. Then talk to your son and listen. In particular, you should always be the one in the crowd to prove your son right. You must be one of the few people he can trust. Gaining your son's trust is every mother's cherished desire, and having faith that your son will understand you and your warm mutual understanding will lead you to a happy future where you will be proud of your son.