Love is never sold
by Baigalmaa staff
Love is never sold
Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash
In order to be loved by a person, to be a loving and caring person, to attract their soul, to live with them, to praise them, to make them feel that they need to be only with this person because they cannot be like that with another person, to bond with them, to devote themselves completely, to give everything, to present themselves, and to have many things in our shared life. people make mistakes.

There is no way to sacrifice yourself, give yourself, and receive love in return. What will happen if you say that you have worked hard for your loved one, even if you have achieved merit? In pain of not being able to meet the expectations of the person you love, you destroy your loved one's views, self-discovery, self-development, living, existence, and opportunities to use your talents, and block what he can do, give, learn, and give to the world. destroys one's inherent quality, makes one's own space, and commits a sin before God. Too much love can turn a person into a helpless, miserable cripple. He can no longer live without your help. When your love is expressed only in care, it makes the person you love feel weak, sick, and unfortunate, and raises their selfishness to the highest level. In the process, your loved one gets used to your attitude, demands more, rejects your love and care, and begins to find fault. Thus, he becomes a poor person who values himself by his usefulness and usefulness to his loved one, is incapable of self-esteem and love, is bound by the pitiful thought that "he cannot live without me", and thinks that he cannot live without him, and considers this to be love. But love is a feeling of happiness that never requires sacrifice. Also, it is good to remember the saying "A wise person is self-reliant".