Love and romance
by Baigalmaa staff
Love and romance
Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash
My love! I dream to be like you. You are much stronger than me, Love, jealously repeated to Khair.

- But do you know why I am so strong? When Khair asked calmly,
- Because you are more important and needed by people than me
"No, my friend," he said, casting a spell on Love and Romance.
- I am strong because I can forgive and forgive.
- Will you even forgive betrayal?
- Yes, betrayal is usually not intentional. It is due to lack of knowledge in this area
- Will you also forgive cheating?
- Yes, deception, allows people to compare and choose
- Will you forgive me for lying too?
- Yes, people lie in order to get out of an impasse or to hide their wrongdoing or to avoid making things known.
- What about people who always lie?
- They have no concept of love or me. They are not connected to me because they cannot love.
- What else can you forgive?
- I forgive anger because it lasts so short. Also, I will forgive the harshness that comes from frustration. The feelings of rejection and sadness are unimaginable. It takes time to find out what you really like.
- What else is forgiven?
- Forgive the complaint. Gonsoyh and Khul are two sisters. Also, he forgives disappointment. After disappointment comes pain. But pain cleanses them.
- My love, you are amazing. You are able to forgive everything and everyone. But I, at the first few disagreements, go out like a lighted matchstick. I'm really jealous of you.
- My love, you are talking wrong. No one can forgive everything. There are things that love does not forgive
- Didn't you just say something different?
- No, I can really forgive what I just said. But, in this world, there is something that even Love cannot forgive, destroys the soul, destroys feelings, leads to grief and denial, causes incomparable pain, poisons all around, shrinks the soul inward, betrays, deceives, lies, complains and hurts a strong person. . That is the indifference of man, which is the terrible enemy of love. My love, you will understand when you meet.