Curses affect lineage
by Baigalmaa staff
Curses affect lineage
The Institute of Quantum Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted a study on changes in the level of genes in modern humans. It covered many issues, and on the screen of a specially designed instrument, with the help of electromagnetic waves, it was found that the words spoken by a person affect the structure of human molecules.

It is believed that these molecules are inherited in the human genes and directly affect the words spoken by the person and all the genetic information of the human organism. It has been seen that unpleasant, bad and rude words that people often say begin to change the structure of human chromosomes intensively, and negative programs are installed in genetic information. These programs, in the process, become "self-destruction" programs, which lead to disease, sadness, and misfortune. It has been known since time immemorial that words work in genealogical programs, and words have been used as mantras and blessings. It was believed that the long-standing view of words as a double-edged sword has been confirmed by science and the amazing discovery that human DNA is capable of receiving speech and thoughts, changes with sound fluctuations, and therefore, humans create their own genetic apparatus. Therefore, the negative words embedded in people's genetic information continue to accumulate from generation to generation, leading to "self-destruction" or a life of suffering and unhappiness. And, the most surprising thing is that not only speaking the words themselves, but also listening to them has bad consequences, the well-known psychologist S. Gorin said, "The negative words spoken and heard on a daily basis are more harmful to people's minds than strong professional hypnosis." concluded. Therefore, in order to love our genes and protect our offspring, it is advised not to say curses or bad words.

Today, in our society, much has disappeared from cursing. The odd swear word, here and there. The most common "F..k!" The word is passed on to the offspring and "f..k!" Will you pass on life like that? I want to know the meaning of this word! If you don't know, if you ask, you will stop saying such words. Let's try to learn the good words of the ancients, "the wisdom of the mouth" as our motto, and the custom of saying good words even if we lose them! urges you to stop cursing and protect your genealogy.