8 principles of Italian life
by Baigalmaa staff
8 principles of Italian life
The people of sunny Italy lead the world in terms of longevity and happiness. We know from movies and literature that they are very optimistic and cheerful people. The word la dolce vita, or the sweet life, is always used in their conversation, which proves that they live a sweet life. Italians are known for their wisdom and the ability to live life in their own way. Here are some experiences that can be taken from them.

Italian women never dress badly.
There isn't an Italian woman who doesn't wear sweatpants and sneakers, her hair is tied up, and she doesn't make up her face and mouth. They don't wear high heels and don't go out without taking care of themselves. Low-quality cheap clothes are not used at all, and the principle of "quality few" is followed.

They never drink to excess.
Despite the popularity of Italian wines, the people of this country do not drink more than one glass of wine per day. This is considered a healthy amount. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to sit down in an Italian restaurant, I advise you not to order drinks by the glass. Hospitable Romans and tourists who walk the streets drinking beer are friendly, but inside they receive them with a feeling of discomfort. It is important to know that their customs should be respected.

They never go out with wet hair.
If they wash their hair and go with wet hair without drying it, they will not understand it. Because they are very careful about their health, they dress very warmly in cold weather. It is believed that the neck is very insulated and should never be cold.

Nature favors consumption.
As much as possible, try not to use electric air conditioners and coolers. During the extremely humid summer weather, they solve the problem by traveling for a while to the cooler northern regions.

Famous pasta does not look at weight gain.
Unlike the rest of humanity, who are sick of eating right, Italians are not afraid to eat more carbohydrates and wheat flour. They enjoy pasta, fresh white bread and pizza and do not gain weight. The secret is very simple: eat very politely, slowly and with delicious pleasure. Studies show that a very small percentage of Italians are obese.

Utensils and eating utensils are highly valued.
No single-use cutlery is used in any Italian restaurant. Because they treat eating as a pleasure, they pay a lot of attention to the table setting of each meal. I just don't understand eating and drinking on the street.

Italians do not eat snacks at dinner.
Also, sandwiches and corn are not considered dinner. They consider a 3-course dinner to be eaten hot only as a dinner.

Loves the slow pace of life.
Italians believe that patience is the best thing. They will do everything slowly. This principle is observed in almost everything. It can be seen from feeding to communication. Don't rush meetings. They cannot understand that busy people in other countries can eat in 10 minutes. It's okay if you don't know. But they know the meaning of life...