Proverbs sharp as a blade
by Baigalmaa staff
Proverbs sharp as a blade
The deep meaning of these proverbs is emotional and thought-provoking.

Without ordinary people, there are no great people
A naked person loses nothing
Where force is used, there are no rules
Asking what you don't know is the shame of a moment, but not knowing is the shame of an age
An upright and honest man is as rare as a flawlessly straight tree
Husband and wife should be like hands and eyes of one body. Because, when the hands hurt, the eyes cry, but when the eyes cry, the hands wipe
Leaves sink and stones float
A long journey begins with a single step
There is no enemy more dangerous than stupidity
Do not catch the one who is going, but do not chase the one who is coming
It is big because it does not stop the ocean and small streams
Learn to throw away your troubles and torn clothes as quickly as you throw them away
A person lying down will never stumble
Don't be afraid to bend down a little, learn to rise higher and higher
Victory comes to the one who endures half an hour longer than his opponent
The sun is the mother of anyone who does not distinguish between right and wrong. A person who finds himself is like the sun
In a house full of laughter, happiness always comes
No one can put an arrow into a smiling face
A cheerful person, overcomes obstacles easily
Perfection cannot be created by incompetent hands
Cold tea and food can be tolerated, but cold eyes and communication are unbearable
If the problem can be solved, why worry about it, but if it can't be solved, there is no point in worrying
A fool tries to escape his mistakes, but a wise man tries to correct them
A crop bows its head when it ripens, but a man bows his head when he grows rich.
A woman has the power to break through rocks if she wants to
Be alert around a silent person