The owner of the house and the fulfilled wish
by Baigalmaa staff
The owner of the house and the fulfilled wish
Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

Tired of daily responsibilities and going to work, a house owner wanted to exchange houses with his wife and a housewife. listen to me I am tired of this slave labor, my wife is at home and I can't stand it. I want to be at home. Let my wife go to work every morning instead of me. Let him understand how difficult it is," he prayed. God heard him and fulfilled his wish, and the next day the young man woke up in his wife's body and saw her preparing to go to work in his body. As if by magic, this young man knew everything he had to do, he got up, woke up his children, prepared breakfast, dressed them, collected their school books and took them to school. On the way back, went to the bank and collected food from the store. He came home and spread out the things he had bought. Also, while I was sorting out the bills, the cat came and started begging for food. Dishes should be washed, food should be cooked, dogs should be washed and fed. When I looked at the clock, it was late afternoon. I need to clean the house, make the bed, put the laundry in the washing machine, vacuum, wash the floor, and then it's time to pick up the kids from school. He, tired, began. I didn't let my frustration out on my children, I took a deep breath, I calmed down, I prepared and fed my children their lunch. Also, while helping him with his homework, he ironed things and turned on the TV to refresh himself. How difficult is it to iron a shirt? Hateful... Oh, if you don't prepare dinner, it won't happen. Vegetables were removed, meat was grilled and snacks were prepared. While eating as a family, the husband/wife complains about being tired at work. I quickly got up and folded the things I had ironed, because I couldn't do it if I didn't put them away. After bathing the children and putting them to bed, I looked at the clock and it was past 10 in the evening. Tired, he fell down instead of lying down. He wants to be hugged and kissed by his beloved, instead of whining and complaining, he wants him to sleep with him. The first day as a wife passed like this. The next day, the first thing he did was to ask God to put everything back in its place. He said, "My God! Give me back my body, I used to think that my wife and I spend our days lying down and watching serials. But he works more than me. I thought wrong," he prayed. God said to her, "Okay, well, if you understand and realize that you were wrong, I will fulfill your wish and put everything back in place, but you are in a situation where you cannot wait for 9 months, because you are pregnant. "Don't worry, cooking and raising children will make your time fly by." Please be careful with your wishes.