Horoscope of married couples
by Baigalmaa staff
Horoscope of married couples
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Aries women are bold, romantic, and occasionally unpredictable. Loyal, stubborn, active, proud of his ability to achieve what he wants. As long as you want, move forward decisively and without detours. Not only does he not hide his likes or dislikes, but he also expresses his feelings first if he wants to. Gentle men fall in love with this behavior like butterflies, and tough men understand that they can be trusted after a while struggle. Also, these women may be a bit dismissive of men, but they will never be rude or mean. But if they decide to live the life of a "man", it means a natural disaster for those around them. His desires and affairs are endless. They rarely marry an Aries man. Although compatible with Leo and Sagittarius, they live an "on-off" life. Easily compatible with Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. She is an excellent mother, very loyal if she does not lose her love, and a good protector of her family and hearth. In addition to her competitive nature and constant demands to match, she also wants superior qualities from a man and wants to bow down to him. Otherwise, he can easily solve everything himself. He is a center fielder. A sheep-woman who cannot be herself is dangerous and unhappy. It's okay to be fair with him and argue with him about small things from time to time. Aries-woman, people are considered mainly from the point of view of who they are, not by what they wear.

These women are considered the daughters of Venus and are considered the living embodiment of beauty and love. They are neutral and can always remain a woman. It has a "soft and weak" attitude that bends men and adorns women. But at the right time, he can act decisively, quickly, and tirelessly. They are jealous and consider their man as their property. They value perfection of life and the right life, they cannot forgive betrayal. He is very stubborn and wants to obey his own internal laws. He is very aware of his obligations to his loved ones. So looking for a reliable man who likes a stable life. A bright future can't be bought by the saints. These women are a good friend, a good mistress, a faithful wife, a necessary mother. These talents are born. Also, they have an amazing ability to harvest, store, love and comfort. Appreciate a brave and confident man. They seem to be born for comfort and family life. It is said that you should avoid marrying Leo, Aries and Gemini. Goes well with Sagittarius and Taurus.

Women of this sign are intelligent men with a female heart. Because they have a male logic, their personality is ambiguous, which makes them irritable. It does a great job of choosing from multiple options. They are active, intelligent, life-loving, sharp-witted and adventurous. Therefore, in addition to being wives and housewives, they can also be friends and leaders of their husbands. He prefers to achieve his goals with his own efforts, and he has the ability to imitate and copy things, and he acts bravely for his own happiness. They like to know everything that is going on, and they are attracted by the care and concern that is obvious and not simple. They like to travel when guests come and go far. They accept horoscopes and horoscopes, but they choose their husbands based on their own opinion. He is intelligent and looks at it from the point of view that suits him. Deep emotional relationships are difficult for them, and they know that. Gemini and Aries are compatible. Capricorn twins are not only compatible, but also complement each other, and such a pair often achieves great success at work. It is not compatible with water-based deposits, but compatible with other deposits.

These women are very sensitive and gentle people. They hide it. They are destined for family life. Whatever role he plays in his life, he is devoted to his family. Although very dreamy, a man chooses his husband carefully. They are an enigma to men. Because men do not understand the intricacies of their relationships. Although they have a realistic approach to life, their moods change a lot. They are said to be ruled by the moon. The moon is considered to be the most feminine planet that blesses peace, harmony, family traditions and values. Therefore, these women combine strictness and romance, intelligence and sensitivity. They are the best caring mothers, devoted spouses, and people who put their home and family first. She chooses a man who will be a support and earn a living. Therefore, they choose strong men of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, despite the difficulty of emotional mutual understanding and cannot explain Gemini, Libra, Cancer and their behavior.

The Leo woman knows the difference between love, sex and marriage very well. A man has high demands. They love luxury, entertainment, wealth, and they love to rule and be the center of attention. You can protect your opinion, family and yourself. She gives birth to children and becomes an exemplary mother. Having a lot of inner energy, they tend to focus more on activities outside the home. They choose people who are rich or under their control. However, he has the ability to change his character for the sake of common life and common interests. Their love of dignity and kindness help them to get out of any situation in life. Such women, whose inner world is perfect, are often a reflection of their society.

She has a calm attitude, knows her duty to his loved ones, and understands weak people. Exemplary housewives, hardworking, thrifty, diligent, and willing to help. Her judgmental attitude allows him to stand firmly on his feet. They do not aspire to position or honor, instead preferring to dedicate everything to their family. Good at raising children. They are likely to be either too meticulous or disjointed. In any case, keep the house in order and live according to the rules. She is docile and indecisive, has a tendency to go about his business and is easily offended. Because they believe that their heart and mind are equal, they are sensitive to the difference between desire and reality, and feel more vulnerable than others with their weak ability to protect themselves. In order to correct this situation, he suppresses himself due to constant busyness and obligations. She is modest and shy, but sometimes she can change. She chooses a husband who meets her expectations and requirements. So there is often disappointment afterwards.

These women have a combination of soft, witty, tough, bold and warrior qualities. They are usually good-looking and attractive. They have high self-esteem and are destined to live luxuriously and easily. They like pleasant relationships, comfort, and are not prepared for physical and mental stress. The husband needs to know this in advance and protect him from sudden changes and unpleasant things. The Libra-woman has a highly developed sense of well-being, is as desired, and sometimes becomes like a cold "Snow Queen". He has the charm to attract the love of others. He is also ruled by the beautiful Venus, and men revolve around him. Enters family life early. She chooses her own husband and may marry more than once.

Self-protective, tough, soft-hearted, extreme. Never let yourself get hurt. Emotional and romantic in his personal life, this prevents him from being realistic about his work. They can exude femininity and boldness at the same time. They have highly developed intuition. Choose a spouse according to your preferences. Almost never misses. Very jealous. Almost controlled by thoughts. Hidden power. Like a magnet. Fire is compatible with bod signs and makes a lover, a warrior husband, and a beautiful wife. The more you warm and care for him, the more loyal, caring, and willing to do anything for his loved one. He is completely devoted to his beloved, and at the same time, he is also in control. The Scorpio woman needs to attract her love, and in return, she will generously receive the highest and most beautiful soul.

These women don't play in teams or with dolls, they climb trees with boys, jump over fences, and grow up to be knee-jerk. They like fun, travel, dancing, sports, sociable, and tend not to like other women. If you are born a man, you think you have the same rights as men. They value personal freedom, independence and independence. When choosing a husband, they start with what they do, look at their appearance, how they dress, how they cut their hair, and even what kind of tie they wear. For him, the main criteria are the school he graduated from, self-control, modesty, and how he views traditional ethics.

It means Carnegie in women and skirts. They wait for a good spouse, plan their future, and sit full of speculation and caution. The true image of the bride. Takes a long time to make a choice, and is afraid that the family will become a partner in what he achieves with his own strength. On the other hand, if she gets married, she is a reliable, hardworking, honest and entrepreneurial woman who tirelessly supports the opportunity to appear in front of her husband and gain a place in society. But her husband should know that he should be rewarded for his efforts with success. He is a "family" psychologist like Carnegie. Knows when to smile and when to listen. As a mother, she cares about her children's future, upbringing and education. Enkhriyel seems to lack love, but by raising this woman and her child in this way, the future has been guaranteed. They work effectively in any profession. Success will be achieved in any field of office or politics.

The most mysterious women. It is difficult to understand him, sometimes he does not even understand himself. Actions and words are unpredictable and thoughts are unusual. The chosen man is also exotic. There are people who can be defined by one capital letter. They are not afraid of difficulties, light, sociable, but enigmatic people. Independent, independent, optimistic. This situation is noticed by men. Incredibly sharp minded, helpful and tries to understand others. There is a tendency to suffer without distinguishing between friendship and love. Marriage is based on faith and calculation. They may marry more than once because they are more likely to marry their self-created image than the person they are. You should marry a like-minded person. Gemini, Libra, Leo and Sagittarius get along. It is said that Virgo is not compatible.

Feminine women. Usually charming. If they can't win with their looks, they win with their inner beauty. The best actors. The ability to listen, the ability to believe, flexible thinking and deep emotions reflect this quality. Very sensitive and sensitive heart. Trust your subconscious and your heart more. They are ephemeral and seemingly unearthly charmers. Due to their high ability to believe, they are likely to lead the representatives of various social classes, from women who maintain order to those who violate order. He is passionate and sacrifices himself for his love. They live by faith, hope and love. Most of the time, they are deceived and try to be influenced by others. They are also caring, understanding and supportive. In the presence of such women, I feel that I am a man and a man. A Pisces woman finds happiness in her family life, and the man she is with has a great influence on her fate. Such is the husband, so is life, and it is easy to fall prey to parasitic men and unfortunate blacks, because of their lack of courage, sharing of suffering, and abstract thinking. In return for trying to understand the soul, one gets a "torturer". Their lives are often miserable. They need a good partner to support them and guide their life. It is believed that the signs of the turtle, crocodile, scorpion, and ox are compatible. There are problems with other deposits.