Cleaning the house is a ritual to attract good fortune
by Baigalmaa staff
Cleaning the house is a ritual to attract good fortune
Photo by Outsite Co on Unsplash
Cleaning the house is not only a matter of cleaning and tidying the dirty things, but it is considered a ritual to attract happiness, success and abundance to the house, and a dirty house pushes away all the good and positive things in life. Since it has long been believed that suffering and poverty lead to desolation, housewives have followed some of the following rules exactly. A dirty home and poverty always go together, and word of mouth that even God does not shy away from the suspicions of the common man and does not give his blessing, traveling among all peoples, creating a comfortable and clean environment in the home, good It is worth knowing the following simple rules that will help you attract them to your home.

- In any case, garbage is swept only towards the entrance.
- Thresholds cannot be swept
- After the sun goes down, they don't take out garbage, it's called emptying
- It is good to wash the floor after an unpleasant person comes in and leaves. Protects against jealousy.
- They don't clean the house on a good day
- Garbage sucked by a vacuum cleaner is thrown away immediately. If possible, it is better to bury the garbage far away. It is believed that it helps to be free from obstacles.
- If you use a broom or dustpan, clean and wash it often. When you move to another house, you should replace the brooms that you used in your old house. It is said that taking old brooms and shovels from others will bring bad luck and other people's suffering.
- Get into the habit of washing the dustpan every time you use it. Better to replace it. It is believed that dust and bad luck that settles on it invite failure.
- Floor towels cannot be made from old clothes or items. Push your luck. It is said that when the atmosphere in the house is bad, if you renew the floor towels and throw away the old ones, everything will be normal. It is forbidden to spread the floor towel to wipe the feet, to wash the floor with it, and even to walk on it.
- Kitchen towels are thrown away when moving. As much as possible, use towels that you bought yourself, and change and renew them regularly. It is said that if you take it from someone, you will have a quarrel.
- Leaving the dishes overnight without washing them will cause diarrhea. It is prohibited to dry dishes and utensils upside down.
- Regular cleaning of the mirror protects the home from evil
- It's bad that the door is dusty. It is believed that good things will not come.