How to maintain a perfect family relationship
by Baigalmaa staff
How to maintain a perfect family relationship
Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash
The ancients paid great attention to ensuring the perfect composition to maintain warm family relationships, and according to ancient traditions, two very powerful methods were used. Therefore, it is believed that the people of the front had a peaceful and respectful relationship and a long life together.

1. In the old family, there was a custom for the husband to comb his wife's hair. When combing your wife's hair, you receive energy protection, your wife gives you great confidence when she combs her hair, a woman's hair is considered to be able to protect the family because it is a very strong thing that connects with the universe, and it was considered that a woman's long hair is stronger. A man protects his relatives and family from the outside with his bravery, while a woman protects her family from the inside and is harmonious. It is believed that if a husband makes a habit of combing his wife's hair, the family bond will be strengthened and there will be no relationship problems, and morning combing will lift the mood of the couple that day, and evening combing will get rid of the thoughts and problems of the day and will help to relax and have a good relationship. A comb for combing hair should be made of wood, and the comb should not be exchanged for others, it should be treasured. In the process, the comb becomes a very powerful family protective amulet.

2. In the past, women used to massage the soles of their husbands' feet. This can be perceived as strange and uncomfortable by modern women, who think that they are "inferior to themselves", "must communicate" and so on. However, in order to maintain a happy and long-lasting family relationship, no one would hesitate to do this kind of thing for their husband and take advantage of the opportunity to live a happy life. Massaging your husband's legs not only has a good effect on his body and mind, but also relaxes and relaxes him. When a woman is massaged at the level of her husband's feet, the highest qualities of a woman, which any man compares to a diamond in a woman's qualities, the gentle, submissive, submissive and modest feminine image is revived. At this time, a man's inner energy is restored, his responsibility to the family, his ability to make decisions, and his ability to lead his life grow incomparably. It is said that because men and women highly value the obedience, meekness, and joy of serving their husbands, their relationships become warm and generous. Also, this custom restores respect for men and raises men's spirit. It is believed that "Karma" accumulates at the feet of a person. This sole massage has the power to remove old bad memories and bad impressions about your wife.
Try these tips for a lifetime of happiness. In order to maintain our mutual happiness, let's pray for the love of reviving our old traditions and getting closer.