Consequences of changing roles of family members
by Baigalmaa staff
Consequences of changing roles of family members
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Individuals develop in the environment in which they grow. Depending on what kind of family you grew up in, the upbringing and relationships you received at that time affect your life, and you create your life in the same way. is. Again, we get the concept of family happiness and the right family from the environment we are born and raised in. Therefore, let's try to show what happens when the roles of family members are changed. But let's leave it to you to think about what role you want your child to have in the family relationship in the future, whether there is an environment that will affect this change of role, and if so, whether the consequences will be pleasant for you.

A family where the mother acts as the head of the household
Mothers are the "necks" who should turn the heads of fathers, the head of the family, in the right direction, and help them with big decisions and problems. As a mother, she is responsible for loving and nurturing her children. But in modern times, you can see many women who have become heads of households. At first, the children do not feel bad about having such a mother, and the man also accepts the lightening of the responsibility. However, after a while, the nature of taking everything in hand, which is a natural quality of birth, will inevitably arise in the man, causing an unpleasant atmosphere in the family. Also, boys who grow up in a family where everything is decided by the mother, do not understand the need for responsible qualities of manhood. Girls, on the other hand, will grow up to be the leaders of the future family and ready to fulfill the roles of men.

A family where the child is the "hero" of the home
There is such a family. A family that worships, worships, and almost worships its children. By fulfilling everything the child wants and "putting it on his head", the child's self-esteem reaches its highest point, and the adults themselves become their servants. Such a child is not capable of solving problems on his own, and develops into an individual who thinks that others should serve him.

A family dominated by the presence of grandparents
Also, when many young people live with their families and relatives, their mothers and fathers who are with them decide everything and participate in their lives. Seeing this situation, young children who are growing up think that their mother and father are the same as them before they grow up, and when they grow up, they tend to ignore their parents. Many such examples can be given, and they clearly show that each person must fulfill and fulfill his natural duty without depending on anything, and that such a life that violates his natural quality does not lead to good things.