It has been determined when the happiest and most difficult periods of family life occur
by Baigalmaa staff
It has been determined when the happiest and most difficult periods of family life occur
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Experts believe that marriage divorces are increasing because no one knows the need for joint efforts of married couples, even when family life is in a strong relationship. In Europe, according to recent studies, 950,000 out of 2.1 million marriages end in divorce. Slater & Gordon conducted a study to determine when people are happiest and when they are most difficult after marriage.

3rd year. It is said that after 3 years of marriage, couples break up because their love fails and the relationship becomes unpleasant. But, on the contrary, during this period, couples get to know each other, come to terms with their faults, have children, and the family relationship becomes stronger, which is the happiest time.
5th year. At this time, it is the most difficult period with a lot of stress due to the big problems of life, such as raising children and working at the same time. It is considered to be the first time when thoughts of divorce enter.
7 years. If the difficulties of the 5th year are overcome, it is considered to be a period of obstacles. At this time, in the life of the family, due to increased needs, financial problems, problems of caring for children appear one after another, and difficult times arise due to the division of responsibilities among themselves. Research results show that by passing this period, a long and happy family life can be achieved.
In order to protect your marriage, it is advised to take care of the following things.
Unfulfilled expectations. Couples usually break up in spring and autumn. When life doesn't work out as expected, they get divorced.
Don't discuss your problems with each other. Young couples are separated from being silent when discussing their life problems, they should share their feelings and at least share their opinions about the movies they have seen.
Not wanting to listen. It has been proven that most of the divorced couples break up because one of them does not listen to the other and forces them to be themselves. Studies have shown that such family relationships inevitably lead to divorce.
The results of the study showed that there is an increase in the number of divorces caused by social networks and Internet addiction.
Divorce rates were lower among those who focused on education.