The main reason for divorce
by Baigalmaa staff
The main reason for divorce
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash
The main reason for divorce is unfulfilled desires and expectations. This unfulfilled expectation not only leads to divorce, but leads to an unhappy and sad life.

Expectations – reality – disappointment – frustration – separation. Let's take an example to explain more clearly.
For men. 1/ Desires and expectations: When a man comes home from work, his wife with her hair neatly done in a ponytail and a clean apron prepares food and drinks, has dinner with her cute children who are cleanly dressed, and wants to live together in the wind and play with their children. 2/ Reality: When he comes home from work, there is no smell of prepared food, the house is a mess, the children's toys are scattered but there is no place to step on them, his wife is tired, his children are hungry while watching TV, talking without saying anything decent. the food will flow. In order to feed your hungry children and eat something yourself, prepare the food, arrange the things that have been spread out, and go to sleep. This situation, which does not depend on the duration, leads to a thing called disappointment, divorce, or living an unhappy life, isolation from other people and society, and living in shame.
For women. 1/ Desires and expectations: The husband has a job, is successful, and earns money. He wants to be taken care of, not lacking in what he wants. 2/ Reality: After work, make time to go to clubs, come late and sleep. He refused the food he had prepared and did not take care of the children, as if only his wife should be responsible for them. Hard work, no good things to hear, no support. What can be achieved but disappointment.
Thus, people who are disappointed by the lack of desired expectations often get divorced, or live unhappily, and are likely to fall into bad habits as they age.