The meaning of family existence
by Baigalmaa staff
The meaning of family existence
Photo by Wu Jianxiong on Unsplash
An instructive story that shows how the relationship between husband and wife should be for a happy marriage.

A boy, whose parents grew up in a quarrelsome family, grows up to be a person who desperately wants to live in a beautiful happy family. He said, - My life should never be like this. My family should be happy and harmonious. He always thought that he would find a kind and obedient wife and marry, but he met a kind and angelic girl and got married. But after a year, this good girl started to behave like a real monster, and the quarrels between the two of them, like in her childhood, did not stop. I thought she was a "terrible woman" and at first she did everything for me and was nice. What will happen? will be surprised. But as soon as his wife, who was a good guy with the right intentions, had a child, he stopped caring about us, and I was sad that I had made a mistake. Once upon a time, people sang about a wise old man who helped the young man in life like a wizard. He continued to persuade his wife about this, and after arguing, he went on a long journey. On the way, people who were tired and quarreled with each other came to the old man. The old man did not talk to them much, - I took them to a room to show you something. There, people sitting around a large round table with a pot of delicious food in the middle saw that they were so emaciated and starving that they couldn't put it in their mouths with a long-handled spoon. And so the old man led them into the next room, and there sat around the same table, the same fat people with long-handled spoons, eating merrily, and feeding each other with the same spoon. Seeing this, the couple silently thanked the old man and went back. On the way, they reached home hugging and leaning on each other, and they had two children and lived in harmony. Between them, they are living a happy life, remembering from time to time, "There is only a wise man, he is the one who introduced us to the meaning of family."