Things not to do while eating in a foreign country
by Baigalmaa staff
Things not to do while eating in a foreign country
When eating, sitting straight, using napkins, not making noises with your mouth, not putting your elbows on the dining table, etc., common culture during eating is observed among us, but these are not appropriate in other countries, they are not necessary, and even insulting. It is possible to create a condition that can be considered to have occurred. For example, in Japan, eating with sound is considered to be accepted as a compliment to the person who made the food, and it shows that you like it. So, when traveling to a foreign country, here are a few tips to keep in mind about the country's dining culture and dining experience. By learning these things, you will be able to respect the local eating customs, taste the strange dishes, and enjoy your full stomach.

Thailand. A fork is used only for transferring snacks and side dishes from a communal plate to one's own plate. Shoving rice into your mouth with a fork is considered an insult. A spoon can be used instead of a fork. You can choose to eat the food with a spoon or a fork, while observing others.
Chile. In some countries, it is considered rude to eat any food with your hands. In Chile, even hand-held hamburgers and pizzas are eaten with a fork. Also, when eating, hands should always be open on the table.
Italy. Eating spaghetti with a knife is considered a real insult. Wrap your fork around and eat.
China. In most countries, it is not liked to leave food on the plate, and it is considered that not leaving food shows that the food was enjoyed, but in China, leaving a little food is considered to show the person who prepared the food, that the food is delicious and that they have eaten a lot.
Egypt. It is not tolerated to drink water and drink juice by adding it yourself. Only another person gives the cup. He also said that he should take care of others.
Japan. There are many rules that apply to chopsticks. Do not pass food to each other with chopsticks. Don't eat rice with chopsticks. Don't lick the chopsticks. Don't place the chopsticks on the edge, use the designated rack, and don't eat by piercing anything with the chopsticks.
Spain. Bread cannot be dipped in soup. Also, it is not possible to leave the restaurant without having finished eating.
Tanzania. Smelling food is considered a real insult.
Portugal. There are no salt and seasoning containers on the table. Asking for these would be considered an insult to the chef who prepared the dish.
Philippines. Do not use your left hand while eating, keep it away from the table.
South Korea. Respect for the elderly is practiced when eating. Food should be eaten only after the elder has touched it first.
France. Bread is used as an eating utensil. Along with the knife, spoon and fork, you can add and pour food with the movement of the bread, and you can also dip the bread into the soup.