Words and dead cells will also be restored
by Baigalmaa staff
Words and dead cells will also be restored
Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash
Scientists, as a result of long research, have proven that words are very powerful and have the ability to regenerate even dead cells. In 1949, the scientists Enrico Fermi, Ulam, and Pasta discovered that information is stored in words, when they serve as systematic reminders of situations, and by studying the non-linear, oscillatory system of processes that arise from words, they found that there are waves with a regular structure called solitons, and the oscillations of sounds during speech. opened. The wonder of scientists has reached its peak when they discovered that these waves move like intelligent animals. As these waves travel through the DNA strands, they read like a book with all the information unfolded.

In this experiment, when the waves were sent through wheat stalks that had previously been exposed to radioactive waves, the cells of the stalks were observed to come back to life and begin to grow. Therefore, it is believed that solitons in human speech are completely possible to restore and resurrect dead body cells. Also, when this experiment was carried out on other plants, there were results of faster growth and improved quality, and on animals, the parameters of their organisms also improved. At the same time, scientists from the United States and India have conducted several extensive studies involving 60-100 thousand volunteers about people's thoughts and their forces. When tasked with thinking and sending thoughts, the research equipment used in the experiments recorded a flow of powerful creative and positive waves, and there were surprising results in the reduction of crime in the city. Thus, the results of these studies confirmed that human thoughts are material and extremely powerful, and that man himself is fully capable of resisting evil, death, and disease. Therefore, it is believed that depending on what one thinks and focuses on, one can positively shape or destroy one's life and environment.