7 secrets of Jewish mothers raising their children
by Baigalmaa staff
7 secrets of Jewish mothers raising their children
Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash
There is no nation that pays special attention to the upbringing of its children like the Jewish nation, and the issue of building the future success and happiness of its children has been placed at the level of national policy. Therefore, children grow up to be able to achieve their goals, self-confident, full of success, and able to live a satisfied life.

• Jewish mother- never say to her child "Bad child" or "You are bad", but "Can such a good child do something wrong?" criticized in such a way. It is believed that children are always "good" and actions can be "bad".
• Jewish Mother- Holds two opposing principles. It is a freedom and a strict requirement. Small mistakes and lack of image will not be scolded. But it is strictly forbidden to make mistakes in the few important things related to respect for elders, education and health.
• Jewish mother- Praises her child a lot. He praises even small successes and guides him to the next step. Praise is considered an effective way to teach children to believe in their own strength. When talking to others, the child is overheard and praises how proud they are of their child. It is believed that a child who hears this becomes even more eager to please his parents.
• Jewish mother- Takes great responsibility for her behavior and considers it the main principle of raising children in a Jewish family. /The child imitates what he sees/
• Jewish mother- Believes that the foundation of children's upbringing is based on the family, and believes that in order to make children happy, they must lead a happy life themselves. Build a family on love and mutual respect, live to see parents and children, first of all, not only in the sense of "parents", but as a "happy couple".
• Jewish mother- teaches her child to be a "good parent" from the cradle, through play and entertainment, and to accept family and parenthood as "happiness". Considering parenting as an important "professional", there are even "parenting" courses at schools.
• Jewish Mother- Pays special attention to her children's education. In addition to classes, the saying "Knowledge is the key to success" is applied in all possible circles. No slacking in studies is allowed. This principle is believed to help children grow up to be persistent and work tirelessly for their dreams. Therefore, Jewish children learn to be busy and work hard from childhood.