World composition
by Baigalmaa staff
World composition
Photo by Benjamin LECOMTE on Unsplash
A truly intelligent person has the ability to perceive the people around him as a reflection of himself. This wonderful "discovery" of deep meaning is a powerful way of self-development, and if you can see great love and goodness around you, then great love and goodness is radiating from you, and that's all. When you can truly understand and accept that this is how it should be, the inner world is filled with peace.

If we had the ability to see every human being as a creation of God and a perfect being, this world would be incomparably beautiful. The smallest criticisms and accusations that come from the soul and blame others show that a person criticizes himself and cannot accept himself. It is equivalent to saying, "I am God, and others are nobody." When you create anything with your own will and love, it is immortalized as a unique creation that shows that the world is one. Therefore, each person lives his own life according to his own preferences and desires. We, in the world, have our own unique characteristics, personalities, talents, and are destined to express ourselves. Everyone lives at their own pace and capacity and creates their own life. Criticizing others means denying the laws of the world that support being yourself and wasting your energy and time. That way, we will live a proper life according to the world. To avoid criticism and blame as much as possible, if someone asks for help, help them as much as you can. If you don't ask for help, but you feel you need a counselor or it feels wrong, ask them if they accept it and get their permission. Just say, “I don't think it's okay if I don't tell you this, and it might help. won't you refuse?", "I want to tell you a nice idea. Maybe it can help you in this situation.'' Maybe that person will accept and be happy and grateful. Or, if you decide to be yourself and not accept it, you should understand that it is the person's own right and respect it.