What do men love about women?
by Baigalmaa staff
What do men love about women?
Photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash
What kind of women do men like and fall in love with? Do you like women who wear high heels and refresh their makeup all day and night, 24 hours a day? Or do you like delicate and sensitive women? Scientists have found answers to these interesting questions!

It is not, as women imagine, elegant clothes, big fresh breasts, perfect body shape, manicured fingernails. All of the above-mentioned characteristics are related to appearance, but men and women like and love personality traits more than their appearance, and it has been established in the course of long research that they like and love happiness or happy character. An image that radiates positive emotions and sparks it, what else can promise happiness in life together? This can be explained by the fact that people, or we, are more or less selfish in nature, and we always put our own well-being first even when choosing a life partner. Happiness is a different concept for each person, but the general characteristics that all people like and love are: not burdening others, not complaining about anything, being able to be happy wherever and whenever, being happy, having a positive attitude towards the environment, being able to give emotional support to others, A conclusion has been made that proves that the characteristics of seeing and accepting things that others see as bad are related. It is said that people with the above-mentioned personality captivate the hearts of those around them. London-based psychologist, Allen de Botton, during his research, believed that "people are attracted to those who think they can make them happy because of their instincts." Therefore, people rarely fall in love with appearance and color, but with warmth and caring...
- Let's imagine that one guy invites two girls to the same movie. The movie was boring and uninteresting. The girl with whom I watched the movie the first night, after the movie, - "It's a really stupid movie." It's a waste of time," he complained. Of course, the young man will be uncomfortable. But when the second girl came out after watching the other movie together, she smiled and said, "It's not a great movie, oh, I'm sorry, I'm glad you invited me." Let's guess, young man, which of these two girls will you love and give your heart to?