7 mistakes of women that push men away from them
by Baigalmaa staff
7 mistakes of women that push men away from them
It is said that love is able to forgive everything, but the following 7 things are kept inside a man, even though he looks like he has forgotten to forgive. Everyone knows that it is easy to hurt someone, but it is very difficult to earn their trust back. Please read the following and make a thoughtful decision.

1. Betrayal and deception. Every time I look into a person's eyes, I feel the worst, no matter how much I love them, I prefer to break up. This quality is unforgivable because it affects men and women equally.
2. Comparison with other men. Be it a relative, a friend, or someone you know, tell me that you have something compared to them. This situation can destroy their faith and even their love. And a woman should always be like a holy fairy. You should never be like a whiny, whiny "saw".
3. Men don't like it when they show greed and are more interested in the state of their wallet than themselves. Let him understand that he is the only one who needs it. This is what gives you the full opportunity to get what you want from your lover
4. Make fun. Of course, all men have a desire to achieve their dreams. When women support it, even if it's impossible, they can be told there's nothing they can't do. It is said that if not the woman who ridiculed and humiliated her, then her heart goes away. Give them only confidence and support. They have the power to bring the world to its knees for the woman they love
5. A country where men are brought up to protect and love their loved ones, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, especially their mothers and female family members as "goddesses". Therefore, he does not forgive the unpleasant treatment of his loved ones and grows up keeping it inside.
6. I do not tolerate men or women being stupid or rude. Respects the spirit more than the appearance. What kind of man can have a pleasant conversation with a woman who cannot connect two words. Also, what kind of strong relationship will be formed?
7. Men do not like to live with a domineering woman. Even if you live, the future life is not guaranteed. A woman who earns more will not settle down, especially one who tries to impress her. But, smart women can fix this situation, in any case, by acting to make him feel that he is the most important person.