Secret Desires Men Don't Tell You
by Baigalmaa staff
Secret Desires Men Don't Tell You
A psychologist says that if women listen to what I talk about with my male clients, in general, most women and men are confused by thinking that sex is their favorite thing. He writes that he doesn't always say what he likes in order not to be in control, and that he has other precious things besides sexual desires, but he goes beyond wanting his wife to guess and know about them. Also, they feel sad that their wives will never find out what they want. This secret desire, which many women may not know about, or because they don't notice it, they don't do it often, is the act of touching and caressing their husband's body. When talking to a psychologist, they expressed that the power of this action is amazing. When a woman touches her body, tenderly caresses, a woman feels accepted and supported in every way, and self-confidence is born, the world seems to change in an instant, an invisible love pours out without the need for words, intoxicating beyond words. expressed that it happens. They expressed their feelings in the following way and should apologize for publishing them without the consent of their husbands.

"While we were watching a movie in the cinema, my wife gently placed her hand on my knee, looked into my eyes and smiled, and said thank you for bringing me here. At this time, my feelings of love and desire reached their peak."
- "He called me a 'stallion'" after gently slapping me on the butt.
- "He scratched the nape of my neck minutely and silently, it was indescribable pleasure, my love was boiling."
"He touched my shoulder from behind and told me that you are a good husband and a good father. I have never been so happy."
- "While I was talking to him about how to relax, he gently held my hand and said, "Devil, I admire you. I even felt faint. It felt like something was flowing out of his hand, and it felt like it would be like this forever.''
- "While I was driving, he stretched out his hand and scratched the nape of my neck in an indescribable, tender way. I feel like purring like a cat."
"While I was talking to someone, my wife, who was next to me, grabbed my hand with a newspaper and put it down. I can't even talk."
Why don't they say what they want? to the question, they are afraid of being called stupid and stupid, and they think that they will be seen as unmanly. Also, it was explained that women are afraid of being ridiculed knowing that the mere act of touching and movement can cause them to suffocate.
Ladies and gentlemen, help your husband not to be ashamed of being entitled and squeamish. Give love generously, touch, caress, support with words of encouragement, keep and protect your love and life together.