Shop of husbands
by Baigalmaa staff
Shop of husbands
Recently, a shop was opened where women can go in and choose their husbands. As soon as you enter the store, a whole list of store procedures is clearly written. It includes: 1. A woman has the right to enter the store only once. 2. The store has 6 floors and the quality of the men will be improved. 3. If you don't choose from one floor, you can go up and choose another floor. 4. It is forbidden to go back down from another floor.

A woman came to the shop to buy a husband. After reading the sign "Employed Men" on the first floor introduction, he went straight to the second floor without entering. There is a sign saying "Working man who loves children" and the woman went to the third floor without stopping and read the sign "Handsome men who work and love children" and decided to go up to the top floor. On the fourth floor, there will be a sign saying, "Men who have a job, love children, are amazingly handsome, and help with housework." The woman mumbled, "Wonderful..." but she went out to the fifth floor. "Men who have a job, love children, are handsome, help with housework, and are romantic" will be pleasing to the eye. The woman decided to stay on this floor and choose a mate. But when he saw the stairs leading up to the sixth floor, he went up and said, "You are the 31 456 012 customer of our floor. There are no husbands here. This floor is there to show that it is impossible to fulfill the desires of women. Thank you for visiting us'' were seen running on the big screen.

On the opposite side of this store, the "Gergii Naran" store has been opened, and there, on the first floor, there is a department called "Women who love sex" and on the second floor, there is a department called "Rich women who love sex". However, from the third to the sixth floor, they choose from these two floors, which no man has ever climbed, so they don't know what departments are above.