This story will change your mind in just one minute
by Baigalmaa staff
This story will change your mind in just one minute
Photo by Linus Nylund on Unsplash
Humans are creatures of the soul, they are nourished by inspiration, they get energy from the beautiful things in life, and their kindness contains the power to create and maintain even the non-existent, and the great power of the soul.

In one room of the hospital, two critically ill men are being treated. One is bedridden and unable to get up, while the other is able to sit up for half an hour a day to remove lung fluid. There is only one window in the room, next to the bed of the man who can stand up and sit up, and the two of them, besides talking about the extraordinary things of life, the man who sits up and sits up, will describe what he sees from the window every day to his bed neighbor. A sick person lying in bed imagines what he sees through the window of the other man, listens to the colors, actions and changes of the surrounding life, and forgets his illness and sad fate. As he listens, the window of the room looks out on a garden with a beautiful lake, where ducks and swans swim, and young couples walk hand in hand through the various flowers. Every day, the person at the window talked about these things and the other person imagined them. One fine warm day, a warm wind blows through the windlass, and at this time, the man at the window, while also picturing the holiday parade passing by, is surprised that the other sees him in his mind, but does not hear the sound. The next morning, the nurse came in and found out that the man by the window had suddenly died of complications. The patient, who was left alone in the room, asked the nurse to change the position of his bed, so he lay down next to the window, and when he sat up and looked out the window, he was surprised to see that there was nothing but a dead wall behind the window. Why did you do that? When asked, the nurse said, - That person was a blind person who could not even see the wall behind the window. Maybe he used to say such things to lift your spirits and then left. As he sat alone, thinking, he realized that he had been gifted life by a wise man who wanted to make others happy, beyond his own position. Happiness is something that increases with sharing. Even though the wise man, who was blind and gave the will to live, is gone forever, it is clear that he has experienced the happiness of his soul and has done good deeds in his life. If you want to be happy, count the things in your life that money can't buy. There is happiness in those things.