Encyclopedia of Women's Fun
by Baigalmaa staff
Encyclopedia of Women's Fun
Photo by Quan Nguyen on Unsplash
Women fill the world with beauty, harmony and harmony. And men are supported by the will to create and build things. In the following articles, you'll read how writers, actors, singers, politicians, and scientists share their witty wit about famous women, life, love, men, and themselves.

- In order to do something as a man, tell him that he will be a little old to do it. Shirley MacLaine. Actor.
- A person grows up when he can truly laugh. Vicky Baum. Writer.
"Betrayal can be forgiven, but offense cannot be forgiven." Anna Akhmatova.
- A woman who loves, achieves success. Vicky Baum.
- Happiness means being healthy but having a bad memory. Ingrid Bergman. Swedish actress.
- Relationship culture means yawning without opening your mouth. Bridget Bardot. Actor.
- If you want to keep eternal youth, you should do good deeds, eat very slowly, hide your true age and lie. Lucille Ball. Actor.
- You need to convince your husband that he is wonderful and perfect, and allow him to do things that are forbidden, such as smoking, going where he wants, when he wants. Lilya Brik. Literary researcher.
- It is difficult for women to be promoted. Because there is no wife to push and support. Yanina Ipokhorskaya. Artist and writer.
- A woman's mind is never young. Probably almost 3000 years old. Sheila Delaney. Playwright.
- If you want to keep a man's love forever, don't marry him. Catherine Deneuve. Actor.
- A woman can win by repeating the same thing over and over, just like an advertisement. Delphine de Girardin. Writer.
- It's like a clock that men push. If you don't push it, it stops. Yanina Ipokhorskaya. Artist and writer.
- There are two types of guests at every party. One part wants to leave early, the other part wants to continue. However, it is interesting that these people are family members. Anne Landers. Writer.
- A woman who fully believes in her beauty also convinces others. Sophia Loren. Actor.
- Hairdressing and care affects the day, even life. Sophia Loren. Actor.
- Fame is a wonderful thing, but it can't warm you on a cold night. Marilyn Monroe. Actor
- There are people who have God inside. And there are those who have the devil inside. However, it is disgraceful to be people who only have worms inside. Faina Ranevskaya. Actor.
- My mother always told me to trust your husband, respect your husband, but keep your property in your own name. Joan Rivers. Humorist.
- A man's beautiful hands, even really beautiful hands, express his inner soul. Hands and faces do not lie. Edith Piaf. Actor.
- For women's health, men's adoring looks are more beneficial than drugs. Françoise Sagan. Writer.
- After falling in love, as soon as you get married, you will start changing one of them. What kind of training, discipline and therapy is love? Isabelle Adzhan. Actor.
- Compliment is a beautiful thing that doubles the creativity of a woman. Françoise Sagan. Writer.
- No one dies from lack of sex. But love dies for lack of love.Margaret Atwood.
-As we age, we neither become bad nor good, but become more and more like ourselves. May Lamberton Becker.
- Why do other husbands always look perfect? Faye Dunaway. Actor.
- True love does not mean enduring long separation, but long-term closeness and overcoming it.Helen Rowland.