Women and femininity should be respected
by Baigalmaa staff
Women and femininity should be respected
Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash
The following will serve as a lesson to understand the importance of maintaining a woman's femininity and remaining a woman. Not denying being a strong woman, but in order to be a happy family woman, let me remind you not to make the following mistakes, and let me introduce you to the life of a "business lady" who is being created in large numbers nowadays.

This woman, 45 years old, has never been married, has a rich life, built her own life, everything in her life is modeled, even her steps, looks, movements, even her smile, and she is labeled as a "business woman" in today's society. Her desire to have a husband is filled with business plans, management hours, strategies, mannerisms, and predetermined rules of "a man should be ...". He can never be calm and free, even when he eats, he eats his food like a worm, without phlegm. Before, when I was young, I used to run around the meadow barefoot in a cotton dress, I used to eat a delicious snack of cabbage and carrot mix, I used to read the book I liked and hum happily, I used to clean the house by listening to my favorite songs, and I used to happily go on dates when the boy of my generation invited me. forgot all. These are women's naive view of "I am myself" and the quality of competition and competition with others, and they come as regretful memories at the end of life and in old age. Almost no man will invite such women on a date, because men perceive them as "men". However, because men are interested in them only for the sake of their interests, joint life is rarely created. A man with a sack of apples never needs a woman with a sack of apples. Because no exchange takes place. Moreover, a man needs a partner, not a competitor, and there is a rule that where there is competition, there is war, but where there is war, there is no love, so these women, most of them, often go alone.