Choose activities that lead to a life of abundance
by Baigalmaa staff
Choose activities that lead to a life of abundance
A person is born in this world to know his purpose, to do what he loves, to achieve success, but also money comes with it. When a person does what he likes, he works hard and does not get tired, he does what he does from his heart. All successful people have achieved fame and success in this way, and such people are said to be born for it. However, human activities are not limited to one thing. The most important thing is that by choosing one of the many things you like and working hard, if that thing is useful to others, if it is intended for others, and if you know and seek to know that thing, and if it is simple for you, success, fame, and wealth will surely come. aj. Here are some tips from famous, rich, and successful people.

Albert Einstein
My way of life is the principle of maximum simplification. So, I chose only two of my many favorites. The first one is what I like to do and the way to bring in money. Without thinking long, I chose what I thought was a 90% chance. For example, I made a discovery, I like to do it myself, and money comes into my family. I went without money for a long time. But, most of all, I was sure that if I did it with quality and from my heart, money would always come in and I would earn millions, and I knew that I had to do it just like the best masters.

Bruce Lee
If you want to earn money, you must spend time and money. If you want to get a good harvest, plant good seeds, if you want to build a nice house, just like you need land and materials, any money-making problem requires time and investment. It takes 10,000 hours to master any business. I was 30 years old when I decided to become a coach. This decision did not come out of the blue. I love this practice so much, until I researched the money-making aspect, I learned that these professionals earn hundreds and hundreds of thousands of money, and I rejected myself a lot, but I saw that there was a great opportunity in front of me, 10,000 hours of training and hard work. I don't fear the man who studies 10,000 different strokes, but the one who studies the same stroke 10,000 times. I realized that success can be achieved if you focus on any task and put your heart and effort into it. To find something you love, don't look at your dreams, look at your reality. At the very least, it is even better if you are interested in something that you have been interested in for 2-3 years, or even 5-7 years. I advise you that this is the only reliable way to make love, continue to work, and earn money. For me, martial arts is my choice, my profession is an actor, my protagonist, my life artist.

Sylvester Stallone
For me, nothing was left as my fate. I was born with paralysis on one side of my face. When I was young, my teachers thought I was mentally retarded. 7 years after graduating from school, I was half-starved and shunned in an environment where everyone told me to quit acting, and that my idea of becoming a director was impossible. At the zoo, he used to clean the cages of lions and make meat grinders. It was a long 7 years, years full of sweat and tears, fighting not to lose self-confidence. But then, for one whole year, he lived on the collected 1600 dollars and wrote "Rocky". All I can say is, one should never lose faith in oneself and love one's mother. There is no one who loves you more than your mother.

The writings of these people are examples of how success can be achieved by doing what you love and putting in the hard work. Fame and fortune can be achieved by studying people and people who have achieved success in the things they love, dedicating their time, gaining experience, and taking control of their lives. Do what you like from your heart and money will come.