The words of the mother and father affect the fate of the child
by Baigalmaa staff
The words of the mother and father affect the fate of the child
Photo by Artur Aldyrkhanov on Unsplash
If you want to live a good life, you must learn to use your words thoughtfully. A psychologist, in the course of his research, asked people to remember what words their parents used to evaluate them when they were young. Comparing the memories and answers of these people with their current life and situation, it is shown that the words that parents used to say to children directly affect the fate of children and shape their lives.

For example, children who used to listen to encouraging words such as "Whatever you do, you should be the best" and "You can do everything" became successful and happy people, but "You can do anything" and "You too" , the children who were told, "That's how it is" and so on, it was seen that they could not live happily. Basically, these words of parents create and direct the lives of their children. The fact that words have the power to control, make things come true, and make them come true is stated in ancient teachings and sermons of almost all religions in the world. Also, the emotional state at the time of saying the words makes the words stronger, and it is said to have a great power to say bad words and unpleasant things when angry. It is believed that the magic and power of words lies in changing consciousness, and the words that you constantly worry and say to your child are not helpful, but harmful. Therefore, in any case, before saying something, -“Is what I am going to say really true? Is what I have to say good? Does it really need to be said? It is recommended to learn to ask yourself three questions. Don't forget that your children's fate may depend on what you say to them.