Using essential oils, you can attract positive blessings to your home
by Baigalmaa staff
Using essential oils, you can attract positive blessings to your home
Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash
Our ability to perceive and distinguish scents is a priceless gift from Mother Nature, and we receive pleasant sensations through scents. Fragrances not only give a positive feeling, but also create an atmosphere that creates the desired atmosphere.

What is the smell of the home and the environment, people and the place are perceived by it. Since ancient times, people have taken care of the smell of their environment and used dried herbs and flowers, and nowadays, chemical fragrances and air purifiers are used. On the other hand, the use of essential oils is considered to be the best, and it is believed that it has the ability to give a pleasant aroma to the home and room, as well as to improve health and mood. When using essential oils, it is important to know the effect of the essential oil on the body. Essential oils allow you to create a "small island of peace and well-being" for yourself and your family. There are times when you come in from work with the mood to relax and cannot rest for a while because of your thoughts. At such times, the relaxing and relaxing effect of lavender, ylang-ylang, bergamot and jasmine essential oils will help you relax completely. Essential oil of cardamom leads to communication with people, mutual understanding and agreement, while melissa removes black, bad things and bad people. Relaxing essential oils can be used in the bedroom by soaking a cosmetic cotton or cotton towel in a small towel and putting it in a pillowcase or a blanket. Replace 1-2 times a week. Eucalyptus essential oil contains special elements that form ozone when it comes into contact with the air, and is believed to have anti-infective and anti-melancholic properties. Pine essential oil is useful for depression and fatigue, and also improves air exchange in the lungs and prevents shortness of breath. Some scents are said to attract money. Orange essential oil and silver invoke success, promote optimism, and add charm and confidence. Also, patchouli essential oil is said to have the power of wealth, and Arab and Indian traders have been using the scent of this oil in their goods since ancient times. It is still believed that it increases the sales of goods by summoning good fortune. This oil is soaked in a small cotton ball and placed in a wallet or purse. Coriander essential oil, an oil of success and well-being in the home, is said to increase productivity. Ylang-ylang, success and money, basil essential oil for promotion, the ability to take advantage of opportunities, conifer oils, money does not interrupt the work of a holy purpose, myrtle, harvests the energy of money, neroli essential oil is the oil of wealth, only the rich Besides being used, it creates real luxury. It is believed that the magic of neroli essential oil will help you to want more than simplicity and to reach higher.