Mom! Let's lie down with you
by Baigalmaa staff
Mom! Let's lie down with you
Can we devote time to our children when they are young? But when they grow up, they wait and wish for them to come more often, isn't it because they didn't have time for them at that time? Childhood is the most sensitive and memorable period.

Putting your daily life ahead of your child's needs and spending less time together means that you will lose the right to demand care for yourself later in life. Giving birth and taking care of children is not a matter of education, and providing everything they need is not education either. Besides, do you know that children are not lacking in education, but in love? Love is the greatest discipline. All children want to spend time with their mother, and there is no mother who has not heard the request: "Mom, let's lie down with you for just 5 minutes." Mothers, on the other hand, avoid answering, saying, "When you have a lot of work, okay, it's just a second, I'm tired, I don't have time, I have a problem with you." If you lie down together, if you want to lie down a little more, you'll be fine. But for children, they are happiest when they are lying with their mother, and they are open and like to talk about their interests and experiences. Take care of your children when they need them, and try to make as many opportunities as possible to spend time with them, moms! When you lie down with your child, listen to him talk, and hug him in your arms, your heart, full of love for your child, involuntarily says, "Today, right now, you are my most important and important person." Even if you don't say it, your child feels it. In a few years, your child will grow up and tell you the same words. The care and attention given in childhood will return to you in old age. As they say, you reap what you sow.