A letter to my mother
by Baigalmaa staff
A letter to my mother

Mom, do you remember? When I was little, I often wondered what I would be like when I grew up. When I grow up, I will have a beautiful and beautiful figure, I will have a beautiful house with big windows and many colorful flowers, and I will have a big dog with soft fur, I will travel to faraway places, and I will relax by the sea. I wanted to know a lot of things, like maybe I would love a son just like you love your father. Also, when I grow up, I thought that I would have a daughter like you who does not like to braid her hair, and I would be a mother who pulls her hair to braid it beautifully and tie it with bright colored ribbons. You always said that I would be a beautiful woman. Do you remember when you used to praise me for having a kind look and a soft warm smile that express the best qualities of women? And he always told me to smile and look at people with loving eyes. I am still trying not to forget. Sometimes it's not that easy. But it helps that you say that it's not easy to love. You, my team's warm smile and kind eyes are still there. I, on the other hand, want to go back to the time when I used to sit on your knee and ask you many things. You, my child, the world is open in front of you, and even if you don't have the seas and high mountains you want, there will be lakes, ponds, and hills in your life. Also, don't get used to the feeling of good things, don't let go of the feeling of being proud and excited by singing about the good things, always go for a walk, take a walk in the unpaved area, in the forest, and in one corner of your heart there is a very beautiful, soft, fragile, fragile feeling, a butterfly He said to sit and love him no matter what happens. Mom, you must have said what I'm feeling right now. My butterfly must have flown away as soon as I met him. He has a very beautiful voice, and when he speaks, I have a strange feeling as if I were in the sand of the seashore, closing my eyes and listening, I would become brave and calm. She has a beautiful figure, soft warm eyes and a smile. Although he is not a giant, he feels protected from all the winds of the world. Mom, she, music, neck scarf, out, on top, smile more often than not. The size of the legs is exactly like his father's. So, when you visit, you will wear your father's house slippers. Mom, when I was little, I always thought I would meet a good guy, but did you know that he would be the best guy? Goodbye mom. See you soon. Your daughter.