10 things mothers don't tell their children
by Baigalmaa staff
10 things mothers don't tell their children
Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash
When you read about these things that mothers don't tell their children, you might think of one thing.

1. You made her cry many times. He cried tears of joy when he found you. He cried when he gave you life. I held you in my arms for the first time and cried. He cried every time he was afraid for you. I cried with pride at your success and victory. He cried whenever you were sick. He misses you and cries when you are far away. He has the ability to cry with everything that happens to you.
2. He doesn't tell you what he likes, even if he wants to eat it himself. When you eat it, it is satisfied.
3. He didn't say it hurt when your little hands pulled his hair and bit his nipple until it was numb. He doesn't talk about the terrible pain of carrying you in his belly for nine months and giving birth to you.
4. He was always afraid. He doesn't tell you that he has been afraid of you since you were born, feeling the need to protect him the most. He didn't say that he believed it was safe when he was holding it himself. He didn't tell me how much more anxious his heart was when he took his first steps and learned to walk.
5. He is his own harshest critic. He knows his shortcomings, he even hates them for the sake of his children, and may still be tormented by guilt. He has a sincere desire to go back to the past and make things right, but unfortunately, he regrets that it won't happen.
6. He used to doze off even though his eyes were closed trying to get you to sleep. But as soon as you fell asleep, he used to look at you lovingly and caressing you, forgetting that you were exhausted with love.
7. You two couldn't live without each other. He learned to organize your things in your arms and eat things almost in your sleep. Even when his arms hurt and his back was stiff, he held you and comforted you. Because you wanted to be close to him, and you wanted to be caressed without wanting to be separated. You knew that you felt safe and loved only in his arms.
8. They don't tell you they're the only one whose heart aches when you cry. The one who will do anything to stop the tears rolling down your cheeks. If you can't stop your tears, your heart hurts like it's going to break into pieces
9. He used to put off sleep and food for you. He puts all your interests above his own. For him, you always came first. I was tired of taking care of you all day and not having time for myself at night.
10. He doesn't want to start all over again. Being a mother is the most responsible job, and mothers work, study, get things done, and manage everything, but she lives with the unimaginable love that comes from you and gives you. Your mother would not hesitate to start all over again for you, despite the pain and the sleepless nights. Because you are the BEST person for him, and he counts all this as happiness.
When you meet your mother, or even when you are with her, try to see her differently and make her feel how much you love her. There may be only one mother and many children, but for a mother, each child is like that.