Listening to your inner rhythm
by Baigalmaa staff
Listening to your inner rhythm
Photo by Julien L on Unsplash
In order to find out what prevents people from being happy, psychologist Eva Sandoval conducted extensive research, and interviewed 86-year-old master Masaaki Hatsumi, who considers himself to be the happiest at this time and is considered one of the last "ninjas" of Japan. The old master answered, "People lose the quality of being themselves, as they are, get too carried away by other people's thoughts, are afraid of the impression they will make on others, and live according to the demands of others, which destroys their happiness." Eva Sandoval, in her book The Ninja Within You and The Art of Living Without Struggle, explains the importance of listening to your inner rhythm.

Modern education is a biased thing that does not reflect individual characteristics and is imposed on the general public. Children are brought up in a way that forces them to imitate their brothers and sisters, classmates, neighbors, adults, famous people, and successful people. For example, a child who learns language late is considered to be retarded in growth and development because he did not acquire language at the age of language acquisition. However, it is said that Albert Einstein learned the language after the age of 3, Thomas Edison was expelled from school because of his disability, and Leonardo da Vinci was rejected because he wrote from the wrong side. This is an example, taken from at least a few famous people, that shows how people grow and develop in their own unique way. Everyone has their own unique personality and rhythm. It is important to learn to feel and listen to this internal rhythm, the endurance of the body, mind, and spirit, and to learn to feel and listen to your limits. The length of time it takes to sit cross-legged and bend your head to the floor is not the same for everyone. shows that they have their own unique characteristics depending on time. Emotional rhythms are no different, indicating resilience and strength of spirit. Resisting your inner rhythm to be the same as others and breaking your limits makes life unhappy. The key to happiness is to keep your mind and body free and to regain your amazing ability to listen to the signals, feelings, emotions, and instincts from your body, mind, and subconscious mind that have been forgotten by modern education. And don't live according to the wishes of others, to please others, to be like others, learn to listen to your own rhythm, it is the only way to achieve what you want by connecting with your inner world.