Energies and functions of the planets of the week
by Baigalmaa staff
Energies and functions of the planets of the week
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Each planet of the week has its own characteristics, and depending on the location of the constellations and the planet that rules the day, it has the ability to influence human activities and is intended to guide people. The names of these seven planets are named after the ruling planet, and it has been believed since ancient times that they contain the characteristics and functions of that planet.

Monday is ruled by Soumya, which is the day of the moon. It is said that on this day, our intellectual abilities, instincts and emotions are fully opened. That's why this day is called the day to be careful when starting something. Because under the influence of the moon, there is a possibility of emotional imbalance, confusion, and fatigue. It is also considered as a starting day to try to spend the best day possible and to be optimistic to make the following days full of success. It is recommended to rest well and drink more fluids.

This day is ruled by Mars, the symbol of action, energy, and energy. Therefore, this day is said to be a good day to achieve goals, and the best day to bless forward movement, aspirations, decision-making, especially promotions. This planet, when the goal is clear, is eager to fulfill one's desires, and loves its passion and energy.

It is blessed by Mercury, which supports communication and self-expression. On this day, it is good to define what you want and choose a direction. He is successful in organizing business meetings and conferences and talking to important people. It is also said to be good for expressing love. Since Mercury is considered to rule the mind, conquest of the mind is effective. The energy of this planet can be successfully used for self-expression and development of plans for the near future.

This day is good for making new discoveries, seeking new things, and expanding your horizons of knowledge, ruled by Jupiter, which encourages positivity and doing what you love. A favorable day for efficient solving of financial problems and interest in new things. Welcoming this day with optimism and gratitude allows us to fully utilize its energy.

It is ruled by Venus, the planet that makes the best of leisure and relationships, and is the patron of love and art. Winging the energy and mood of this planet with dreams gives a great opportunity for love dates and expressions of love to have the most positive results and answers. Use the energy of this day to spend with your loved ones and create art. It is necessary to stay away from relationships that cause depression and stress, and spend time in a pleasant way.

Saturn symbolizes organization and responsibility. Most people dedicate this day to household chores. Saturn supports people to think in a balanced and healthy manner, and gives them the energy to organize their unfinished work and be active in their actions. Energy should be spent on planning and solving important tasks.

This day is ruled by Adya, the Sun planet. It is considered to be the most perfect day to rest, relax, and get in harmony with your "I". It's good to make choices for intellectual growth, energy harvesting, normalcy, health care, and material improvement. This planet devotes its energy to rest and relaxation. Do not plan anything that requires effort, you need to rest.

Thus, every day has its own unique characteristics, and by accepting these and trying to get into a rhythm with the planet, you will soon begin to feel that every day of the week is in positive harmony and passes wonderfully.