The Path to Heaven, or the Scythe of the Apostle of Manhood
by Baigalmaa staff
The Path to Heaven, or the Scythe of the Apostle of Manhood
Photo by Clyde RS on Unsplash

The blacksmith, who was startled by a sudden voice behind him, said angrily, "Didn't you knock and come in?", turned around, saw the black-clad messenger standing in front of him, and said, "Enough, is this the end of me?" he asked, and put his tools away.
Erleg's messenger said to him, "I did not come to take you, but give me my sickle." The blacksmith began to take the sickle awkwardly with his hand stiffened by fear. While sharpening, he said involuntarily, "I can't believe that I am sharpening this sickle that has taken so many lives. Is there any weapon in this world that compares to this?" Erleg's messenger quickly approached - "What do you say?" Is it a weapon?", -"How many people do you think killed me?" he shouted in a hoarse voice, became silent for a while, and in a weak voice - "you will not believe if I said that I have not killed a single person", - "I have never killed a person, but you kill each other. You kill each other for paper money, because you hate each other, and for power. Also, because of the things called food that are made for profit, and because of the wrong habits that they have created, they live wrongly, get sick and die. Other than that, I don't kill. "You all blame me," he said, and after being silent for a while, he lowered his black hood and said, "Look at me!" I used to be a beautiful girl who carried flowers and picked up your souls and took them to heaven and hell in the other world and wherever they needed to go. So how am I now?"
Pointing to his wrinkled and gray rusty face, his liquid gray hair hung here and there, he said, "You made me like this. I see a mother kill her child, a brother kill his brother, one person, in one day, how many hundreds of others. I scream and cry because I can't understand that something is wrong. No one will believe. So, to keep my beautiful dress from bleeding, I wore a black hoodie. I hide my face with tears in my hood. You have filled me with your sins and made me a terror," he said, taking his scythe and leaving, saying, "The road to heaven is full of weeds, it needs to be mowed."