7 golden rules to look elegant and dignified
by Baigalmaa staff
7 golden rules to look elegant and dignified
Photo by Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash
The word "elegant" or "elegant" comes from the Latin word for "choice" and shows that a woman who dresses elegantly and dignified takes great care in her choice of clothes. Such women never thoughtlessly wear clothes that make them look frivolous or distracting. Elegant and dignified dress is more dignified than today's fashion trends. It's mostly based on clothing, style and comfort, and very moderate fashion, exquisite design, and quality.

1. Under the word "elegant", not only clothes, but also human behavior, relationships and inner world are included. Also, make sure your hair and nails are perfect.
2. The most thoughtfully chosen and all-encompassing outfit is the elegant outfit. For this, take time to prepare. A combination of a straight style, one-color, deep hemline, a few vertical stripes, and a thin scarf make you look taller, while one-color pants and shoes make your legs look longer. It goes well with black clothes and things, milky colors, etc. It should also be remembered that there should not be more than 2 or 3 colors in the outfit. There is a rule of thumb for a classic combination jacket to be palm length shorter than the widest part of the body, if the skirt is above the knee, but the jacket should be palm length. Don't forget to wear body-colored underwear inside clothes with transparent and luminous materials.
3. The main condition for choosing and wearing clothes is to highlight the advantages of the body and shape. For example, a silky, bright-colored shirt calls for a well-groomed, well-skinned face, while a simple, solid-colored dress is not only the basis of an outfit, but also gives it the advantage of looking good in most cases. It is also said that it is not necessary to wear clothes that repeat the shape and appearance of the face. If you have a round face, don't wear round earrings or clothes with round necklines.
4. Be careful when choosing clothes and accessories. In particular, wearing short clothes with deep pleated collars is the most dangerous. Because the upper and lower ends of the clothes are the first to be seen, they should be careful not to have them on the ends, broad or fat parts of the body. There is also a rule that the shorter the hem of the dress, the lower the shoes, and the longer the dress, the higher the shoes.
5. Make-up is also important in creating an elegant look. If the eyes are bright and bold, it is advisable to paint the lips with a soft, opaque color or apply a colorless glitter. But if the lips are painted brightly, it is recommended to use an intermediate color for the eyes.
6. It is natural for elegant women to smell good. Use your favorite fragrance.
7. An elegant and dignified look is accentuated by a successful combination of accessories. Pairing two of the same colors from hats, scarves, bags, gloves, and belts can add a unique look to a classic style. In the event that two types of accessories of combined bright colors (for example, hats and shoes) are removed in the room, a belt should be added (a combination of hats, shoes and belts). It can also be hats, shoes, belts, gloves.

When choosing accessories:
- Buy multi-colored scarves for single-colored clothes, and single-colored scarves and handkerchiefs for clothes with multi-colored materials
- Bright belt and make the body look shorter
-Light colored eyeglass frames make the distance between the eyes wider, while dark frames make the eyes appear closer together.
-Broches are designed to accentuate the face, but not to draw attention to the neck and chest. Therefore, you should pay more attention to how it affects your face after wearing it
- Remember that accessories should always be more expensive than your clothes.
It should not be forgotten that a person's appearance is a kind of business card, and an elegant and dignified appearance shows the true composition of a person's appearance and inner world.