Subliminal hearing and children's thinking
by Baigalmaa staff
Subliminal hearing and children's thinking
If you know this subconscious hearing, you will surely be surprised. So, let's take an example: Let's say you're at a party. At this time, when you are talking to a person and listening to him, but in a noisy environment, when someone, on the other side of the room, starts talking about your name, the name of someone close to you, or something related to you, you think, "It's strange, what are you talking about me?" There are times when you immediately feel and pay attention. It has been scientifically proven that there are two types of hearing, integration and second hearing, and the above example shows that your second hearing is working anywhere and anytime.

Integral hearing is hearing directly with the ears, while second hearing is information that our consciousness forces us to pay attention to. Even if you're not paying attention, your intelligent auditory system filters the chatter in the room, and as soon as you hear something related to you, it immediately activates the part of your brain that brings that information to your attention. This has been confirmed by numerous hypnosis experiments. Also, it has been proven that people receive speech and sounds even when they are sleeping and dreaming. What do you think all this has to do with children? We always talk about our children thinking that they are not listening. However, children's hearing is very good and they can hear the sound of opening candy wrappers from a distance of 50 meters. In addition, even when we do not speak the language, even a few months before speaking the language, we listen to each and every one of our words and remember them. When parents accept that their children are young, do not understand anything, do not know anything, and show quarrels and emotional breakdowns around them, it affects the child's mentality very hard. They suffer because they cannot find it. It can also be expressed indirectly by urinating on the bed or treating peers unfavorably. Therefore, you should be very thoughtful when talking about your child, learn that every word you say directly affects the child's consciousness, and this subconscious listening can be effectively used in the upbringing of your child. You can talk to someone about your child and what qualities you like and appreciate about your child. Also, at a certain age when children tend to shy away from praise, using this indirect praise method works better.