"God exists" - Albert Einstein
by Baigalmaa staff
"God exists" - Albert Einstein

A university professor asked his students, “Is there such a thing as God? Did God create all the things in this world?” When asked, a student confidently replied, "Yes, sir, He is, He created all this," and the professor said, "If God created all this, why did He also create bad things?" "What a person does defines a person, just like him, because he created it, God himself is evil." The student fell silent. When the professor happily said, "I have once again proved the existence of God," another student stood up and said, "Mr. Professor! Is there such a thing as cold?" asked. Professor - "yes, haven't you ever caught a cold?" When asked, the other students were laughing at the other student. The other student continued, "According to the laws of physics, there is no such thing as cold." Coldness is measured by the absence of heat. People and things can only be studied by whether they have and transmit energy. -460 degrees Fahrenheit, absolute zero degrees, indicates that there is no heat at all, and all matter is in this state inactive and unresponsive to this temperature. So there is no such thing as cold, we coined this word to describe the fact that there is no such thing as heat. Mr. Professor! Is there such a thing as darkness for you?" continued to ask. "Yes, there is," said the professor. "Sir, you are also wrong." There is no such thing as darkness. We call darkness when there is no light, and we can only study light. Using Newton's prism, white light is converted into many colors and the wavelengths of each wave of that color are studied. We cannot explore darkness. Any ordinary ray of light can shine into the darkness and illuminate it. How can you measure how dark a space is? Darkness can only be measured by how much light there is. There is no such thing as darkness.” "Professor!" Are there such things as bad things?", the professor answered in disbelief, "Yes, there are. We see him every day. "We all know about war, violence, deception." The student said, "No, professor, there is no such thing as evil, but it is the same thing as cold and dark." Also, the same words as cold and darkness created by those who define "evil as the absence of God" are the same as "the absence of heat is cold" and "the absence of light is darkness". God did not create "evil". Evil is the result of lack of faith and lack of love. When people do bad things, it shows that there is no godly good in their hearts. The bad thing is the darkness that envelops the absence of light, and the coldness that comes with the absence of God, just like the coldness that comes with the absence of God. This student's name was Albert Einstein.