There is nothing impossible
by Baigalmaa staff
There is nothing impossible
It's rare, but there is no one who hasn't encountered a problem that happens when something is thought to be impossible. Life itself is a very contradictory thing. Many things in life are the creation of the human mind, and the things around us are also our creation. "Impossible things can be solved" - believing in this is a great school of life. We lose the ability to think more broadly when we are trapped in a box in life and in our environment. I hope that the following story will inspire you to look at life a little differently and develop a unique way of thinking.

This happened when the mathematician George Danzi was a student. George was a very active and diligent student, and it was common for him to study late into the night. He once slept late and was 20 minutes late for Professor Neumann's lecture. As soon as I entered, I nervously copied the two problems written on the blackboard, thinking that they were homework, and started thinking about them after class. But a few days later, when the professor came to his house at 6 in the morning, George was very surprised. Then, because he was late for the lecture on mathematical problems with no solution, he did not listen to what the professor said about the problem, thinking it was homework and thought about both. In two hours, he figured out a problem that generations of mathematicians struggled to figure out, even Einstein couldn't figure out. It's not just that George can't think these problems, he's only able to think them because he doesn't know about them and doesn't know they can't be thought.

Such things happen all the time in the world. Therefore, embrace the words "There is nothing impossible" and "There is no way out" in your heart, and I wish you success in your creative endeavors.