How to heal with the power of thought
by Baigalmaa staff
How to heal with the power of thought
Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash
Dr. Joe Dispenza has confirmed on the basis of many years of experience that any event, event, or act of actualization takes place at the quantum level. At the heart of this discovery is the fact that our brains do not distinguish between what we are imagining and what is actually happening.

His discovery stemmed from his own unfortunate experience, which involved surgery to get him back on his feet after a car accident that resulted in "life-long pain" and implanted implants to allow him to stand up. aj. He decided not to accept this terrible conclusion and decided to treat himself with the help of the power of thought, which became effective, he became pain-free and able to walk, and when he began to treat other people who were in a similar situation to him, he showed the greatness of human resources and the power of thought. He made a documentary film called "We know how to receive a signal" and became famous around the world.
His treatment method begins with positive thinking and focuses on eliminating fixed, repetitive thoughts. For example, it is important to get rid of negative thoughts such as "if you have an operation, you will be sick", "if you have a disease, will you be treated", "if you have a stroke, you will be paralyzed or die", "you will not be saved from a heart attack", "even if you recover from an accident, something will remain".
In general, these negative and doubtful thoughts of ours are stored and based on a huge number of neurons in the brain, and they are frequently activated by the frequency of thoughts, which negatively affects our health and life. Also, during this experiment, one group of people were trained to press a button with their fingers, and the other group was instructed to press the button with their thoughts. . /Only 8 percent difference/ This is just one small example of the power of thought.
Therefore, our brains and thoughts have a mysterious power of attraction. Also, it is reminded to keep positive and select the information from other sources, including television news media.