9 things we don't do, but the wealthy do
by Baigalmaa staff
9 things we don't do, but the wealthy do
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash
In modern times, people like to live with loans and advances, and when the loan is ready, they get unreasonably happy, lose loose money without thinking carefully about repayment and interest, pay bribes to get a loan, and have blind thoughts only about having money at that time, and are under the control of loans. They do not know that this does not always lead to wealth. But rich people have a different attitude towards things from the beginning.

1. They don't spend much money on buying used items. They use expensive things and do not think about self-esteem with them, and think that it is better to buy similar things that are well-used for less.
2. Rich people only buy expensive things that fit in their pockets. Don't go into debt to buy things or buy things that will cost you your monthly salary. They know that debt can be a burden for many years, and it can take away the joy of life.
3. They prefer durable items. We think we are saving money by buying cheap stuff. For example, let's compare 100,000 shoes and 20,000 shoes. Of course, there will actually be an equivalent amount of wear in terms of wear time. Rich people do not fall into this "hook" of illusory savings
4. They are tolerant and can accept anything. Psychologists conducted an experiment to study the thinking of rich people. A group of people were offered money in two options, whether to take $5 today or $10 tomorrow, and most people chose the first option and got $5. However, only two people chose tomorrow's $10, and they were rich people. They can wait
5. They don't wait for retirement. Even after going out, he is still working and can't sit still
6. They are frugal. In today's advertising age, they don't take advertising for granted. It is important to buy only what you need and invest the rest of your money in more valuable things
7. Rich people observe sales, promotions, favorable offers and use them in time
8. They plan their budget very well. Income and expenditure, interest on deposits, bonuses and gift incentives are also planned for months, years and several years. At least try to plan for a month, you will get a first idea of where you are losing money and what not to spend your money on.
9. They don't look rich. For rich people, there is no need to pretend to be rich and wealthy. They are usually normal people with a healthy sense of self-esteem
Most importantly, when rich people create their wealth, they don't create it to live a bright and full life, they don't create it to show others, to look rich, they live successfully only to get satisfaction from life.